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Graciano Rocchigiani

Graciano "Rocky" Rocchigiani, is a former German professional boxer who held world titles in the... more »

Grady Brewer

Grady Brewer, is a professional boxer. A former IBA and IBC Light Middleweight titleholder, he... more »

Graham Earl

Graham Earl is a retired English lightweight boxer from Luton. He is a former British and... more »

Greg Doyle

Greg Doyle was a veteran and a boxer. more »

Greg Page

Greg Page was a boxer from Louisville, Kentucky. He was the WBA Heavyweight Champion from... more »

Greg Richardson

Greg Richardson is a former boxer who was WBC Bantamweight Champion between February 25, 1991,... more »

Gregorio Vargas

Gregorio "Goyo" Vargas is a retired Mexican boxer. more »

Gunboat Smith

Edward "Gunboat" Smith was an Irish American boxer and later a boxing referee. more »

Gus Mercurio

Augustino Eugenio "Gus" Mercurio was an American-born Australian character actor who appeared on... more »

Guts Ishimatsu

Guts Ishimatsu is a former boxing world champion from Kanumashi, Japan. After retiring from... more »

Guty Espadas

Guty Espadas was a Mexican professional boxer who won the World Boxing Council Flyweight... more »

Guty Espadas, Jr.

Gustavo Espinosa Espadas Jr. is a Mexican boxer in the Featherweight division. He is the former... more »

Guy Rolfe

Guy Rolfe was an English actor who specialised in playing villains. He was born Edwin Arthur... more »

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