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J'Marie Moore

J'Marie Moore is a professional boxer and is the daughter of Archie Moore. more »

J. B. Williamson

J. B. Williamson was a professional boxer in the light heavyweight division. Williamson turned... more »

J.A. Bugner

J.A. Bugner is the son of Joe Bugner. more »

Jack Bernstein

Jack Bernstein, also known as "John Dodick," "Kid Murphy," and Young Murphy," was an American... more »

Jack Bloomfield

Jack Bloomfield was an English light heavyweight professional boxer, whose birth name was Sol... more »

Jack Bodell

Jack Bodell is a retired English professional boxer who was active during the 1960s and... more »

Jack Britton

Jack Britton was three-time world welterweight boxing champion, born William J. Breslin in... more »

Jack Broughton

John "Jack" Broughton was an English bare-knuckle boxer. He was the first person to ever codify... more »

Jack Dempsey

William Harrison "Jack" Dempsey was an American professional boxer and cultural icon of the... more »

Jack Doyle

Jack Doyle, known as "The Gorgeous Gael" was at one time or another a contender for the British... more »

Jack Gardner

Jack Gardner was a British heavyweight boxer. He was the Heavyweight Champion of Great Britain,... more »

Jack Garland

Jack Garland was a boxer born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He was the 1928 ABA bantamweight... more »

Jack Johnson

John Arthur "Jack" Johnson, nicknamed the Galveston Giant was an American boxer, who—at the... more »

Jack Kid Berg

Judah Bergman, known as Jack Kid Berg or Jackie Kid Berg, was an English boxer born in the East... more »

Jack Lester

Jack Lester was an American heavyweight boxer. more »

Jack London

Jack London was an English heavyweight boxer. He was British and Commonwealth Heavyweight... more »

Jack McManus

Jack McManus, also known as "Eat 'Em Up", was a noted New York City gangster around the turn of... more »

Jack O'Halloran

Jack O'Halloran is an American boxer and actor. O'Halloran is best known for such films as... more »

Jack Palance

Jack Palance was an American actor. During half a century of film and television appearances,... more »

Jack Petersen

Jack Petersen was a Welsh boxer, who held the British heavyweight boxing title on two separate... more »

Jack Randall

Jack Randall, nicknamed "The Nonpareil", was a professional boxing pioneer. Born in London and... more »

Jack Roper

Jack Roper was an actor and professional boxer. more »

Jack Sharkey

Jack Sharkey was an American heavyweight boxing champion. He was born Joseph Paul Zukauskas, the... more »

Jack Thompson

Cecil Lewis "Jack" Thompson was an American boxer who twice held the welterweight championship... more »

Jack Warden

Jack Warden was an American character actor of film and television. He was twice nominated for... more »

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