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Rick Miaskiewicz

Rick Miaskiewicz is a former American race car driver from Pittsburgh. He won the Can-Am... more »

Rick Muther

Rick Muther, was an American racecar driver. Muther was born in Alhambra, California. He was for... more »

Rick O'Dell

Rick O'Dell is a former NASCAR driver. He made one Winston Cup start in the 1981 Warner W... more »

Rick Santos

Rick Santos is a retired American drag racer known for winning five consecutive NHRA... more »

Rick Treadway

Rick Treadway, is a former driver in the Indy Racing League. He raced in the 2001 and 2002... more »

Rick Ware

Rick Ware, is a professional racecar driver and owner of Rick Ware Racing. When he was nine... more »

Rick Wilson

Rick Wilson is a former NASCAR Winston Cup driver. He began racing in 1980, and posted 23... more »

Rickard Rydell

Rickard Rydell is a Swedish racing driver. He won the 1998 British Touring Car Championship, the... more »

Ricky Carmichael

Ricky Carmichael is a racer known for his success in Motocross. His unrivaled successes in the... more »

Ricky Craven

Richard Allen Craven is an ESPN broadcaster who works ESPN2's NASCAR Now and a race analyst for... more »

Ricky Hendrick

Joseph Riddick "Ricky" Hendrick IV was an American NASCAR stock car driver and partial owner at... more »

Ricky Johnson

Rick Johnson is a motorcycle racer who has competed in AMA motocross and Supercross. During the... more »

Ricky Rudd

Richard L. "Ricky" Rudd, nicknamed "The Rooster," is a former American NASCAR driver. He is the... more »

Ricky Sanders

Ricky Sanders, is a former NASCAR driver. He raced part-time in the Craftsman Truck Series from... more »

Rikky von Opel

Frederick "Rikky" von Opel is a former racing driver from Liechtenstein, the only driver from... more »

Riley Brett

Riley Brett was an American racecar driver. more »

Risto Mannisenmäki

Risto Mannisenmäki is a former rally co-driver and two-times world champion with driver Tommi... more »

Rob Austin

Robert Christopher "Rob" Austin is an English racing driver who currently competes in the... more »

Rob Bunker

Robert "Rob" Bunker III is an American race car driver from Bridgewater Township, New Jersey. He... more »

Rob Collard

Robert Collard is an auto racing driver from Hampshire, best known for racing in the British... more »

Rob Fleming

Rob Fleming is a former drifting driver in Formula D and a motorsports consultant. Rob has been... more »

Rob Moroso

Rob Moroso was a NASCAR racing driver who was champion of the NASCAR Busch Series in 1989, was... more »

Rob Nguyen

Rob Nguyen is an Australian racing car driver of Vietnamese descent who competed in the 2002 and... more »

Rob Rizzo

Rob Rizzo is a former NASCAR driver. In his career, he scored three top-10 finishes in the... more »

Rob Schroeder

Robert Schroeder was a racing driver from the United States, born in Medina, Wisconsin. He... more »

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