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Roger Clark

Roger Albert Clark, MBE, was a British rally driver during the 1960s and '70s, and the first... more »

Roger Dolan

Roger Dolan is an American racing driver who won the NASCAR Weekly Series national championship... more »

Roger Freeman

Roger Freeman was the SCCA ProRally Subaru factory team co-driver for Mark Lovell. He was killed... more »

Roger Laurent

Roger Laurent was a racing driver and motorcycle racer from Belgium. He was born in Liège and... more »

Roger Loyer

Roger Loyer was a motorcycle road racer and racing driver from France. He won the 1937 250cc... more »

Roger McCluskey

Roger McCluskey was an American race car driver. He was from Tucson, Arizona. He won... more »

Roger Mears

Roger Mears, is a former off-road driver who also drove in the USAC and CART Championship Car... more »

Roger Moran

Roger Moran is a British hillclimb driver, who won the British Hillclimb Championship in 1997... more »

Roger Penske

Roger S. Penske is the owner of the automobile racing team Team Penske, the Penske Corporation,... more »

Roger Rager

Roger Rager, is a former driver in the USAC and CART Championship Car series. Rager wasn't quite... more »

Roger Williamson

Roger Williamson was a British racing driver who died during the 1973 Dutch Grand Prix at... more »

Roland Asch

Roland Asch is a race car driver from Ammerbuch, near Stuttgart. Asch was a distinctive figure... more »

Roland Ratzenberger

Roland Ratzenberger was an Austrian racing driver who raced in sports prototype, Formula Nippon,... more »

Roldán Rodríguez

Roldán Rodríguez Iglesias is a Spanish racing driver, who competed in the GP2 Series from 2007... more »

Rolf Stommelen

Rolf Johann Stommelen was a racing driver from Siegen, Germany. He participated in 63 Formula... more »

Rollie Free

Roland "Rollie" Free was a motorcycle racer best known for breaking the American motorcycle land... more »

Romain Grosjean

Romain Grosjean is a racing driver, currently racing for the Lotus F1 Team. He races under the... more »

Romain Thievin

Romain Gerard Michel Thievin is a five-time French champion in car racing and also a... more »

Roman Rusinov

Roman Aleksandrovich Rusinov is a Russian auto racing driver. Rusinov was the first Russian... more »

Ron Barfield, Jr.

Ron Barfield is a former NASCAR driver. He raced in all of the major NASCAR series: Winston Cup,... more »

Ron Bouchard

Ron Bouchard is a former NASCAR driver who was the 1981 NASCAR Winston Cup Rookie of the Year... more »

Ron Cox

Ron Cox, is a driver in the ARCA RE/MAX Series. He was the 1999 Rookie of the Year in that... more »

Ron Fellows

Ron Fellows is an accomplished Canadian SCCA Trans-Am, IMSA, and American Le Mans Series driver,... more »

Ron Hornaday, Jr.

Ronald Hornaday, Jr. is a NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver. He is the father of former... more »

Ronald Cooper

Ronald Cooper, is a former NASCAR driver. In seventy-two career Busch Series starts, Cooper... more »

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