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Marilyn Milos

Marilyn Fayre Milos is the founder and director of the National Organization of Circumcision... more »

Marjorie Speer

Marjorie Speer is the mother of Noah Wyle and a registered nurse. more »

Mary Ellen Clyne

Mary Ellen Clyne is a nurse, educator and administrator. more »

Mary Kiffmeyer

Mary Kiffmeyer is a Minnesota politician. She served as Minnesota Secretary of State from 1999... more »

Mary N. DiRisio

Mary N. DiRisio is the mother of Roger Owens. more »

Michael Ho

Michael Ho Mun-ka, is a member of the Hong Kong Democratic Party and was the member of the... more »

Mieke Frankenberg

Mieke Frankenberg was the mother of Jane Seymour. more »

Misti Rae Ann Hokanson

Misti Rae Ann Hokanson is the spouse of American Football coach Dan Hawkins. more »

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