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Richard Garrard

Richard Garrard was the seventh Suffragan Bishop of Penrith in the modern era. Garrard was... more »

Richard Hawkins

Richard Stephen Hawkins is a bishop in the Church of England and is currently a Chapter Canon of... more »

Richard Henry Ackerman

Richard Henry Ackerman, C.S.Sp. was an American prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. A member... more »

Richard Hill

Richard Hill was a medieval Bishop of London. Hall was Archdeacon of Lewes from 1486, until he... more »

Richard Hurd

Richard Hurd was an English divine and writer, and bishop of Worcester. more »

Richard Inwood

Richard Neil Inwood is the Acting Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham and a retired Bishop... more »

Richard John Grecco

Richard John Grecco is a Canadian prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. He is the 13th and... more »

Richard Kellaw

Richard Kellaw was Bishop of Durham. He was elected on 31 March 1311, and was consecrated on 30... more »

Richard Lewis

John Hubert Richard Lewis is a British Anglican bishop. Lewis was educated at Radley College and... more »

Richard Llewellin

John Richard Allan Llewellin is a retired Anglican bishop in the Church of England. Llewellin... more »

Richard Mitford

Richard Mitford was an English bishop of Chichester from 17 November 1389, and consecrated on 10... more »

Richard Montagu

Richard Montagu was an English cleric and prelate. more »

Richard Newman

Richard Newman was the Archdeacon of Blackburn from 1936 to 1946. He was educated at Hereford... more »

Richard Newport

Richard Newport was a medieval Bishop of London. Newport was elected 27 January 1317 and... more »

Richard of Chichester

Richard of Chichester, also known as Richard de Wych, is a saint who was Bishop of... more »

Richard of Ilchester

Richard of Ilchester, also called Richard of Toclyve or Richard of Toclive, was a medieval... more »

Richard Oliver Gerow

Richard Oliver Gerow was an American prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. He served as Bishop... more »

Richard Owens

Richard Owens was a Catholic priest in the Diocese of Clogher, Ireland. He was appointed the... more »

Richard Parsons

Richard Godfrey Parsons was an Anglican bishop who served in three dioceses during the first... more »

Richard Pate

Richard Pate was an English bishop. more »

Richard Pates

Richard Edmund Pates is the ninth and current Roman Catholic Bishop of Des Moines. more »

Richard Phelan

Richard Phelan, D.D. was the fourth Roman Catholic Bishop of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. more »

Richard Pius Miles

Richard Pius Miles, O.P. was the first Roman Catholic Bishop of Nashville. more »

Richard Poore

Richard Poore was a medieval English clergyman best known for his role in the construction of... more »

Richard Praty

Richard Praty was a medieval university Chancellor and Bishop. Praty was Chancellor of the... more »

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