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Aaron Ruben

Aaron Ruben is a television director, producer and screenwriter. more »

Abby Turkuhle

Abby Terkuhle is a television producer and screenwriter. more »

Abdel-Aziz Hashad

Abdel-Aziz Hashad is a television director. more »

Abdel-Rahim Kamal

Abdel-Rahim Kamal is a screenwriter. more »

Abdel-Rehim Mansour

Abdel-Rehim Mansour is a screenwriter. more »

Abdel-Salam Amin

Abdel-Salam Amin is a screenwriter. more »

AbdelHamid Abou Zaid

AbdelHamid Abou Zaid is a screenwriter. more »

Abdul Salam Ameen

Abdul Salam Ameen is a screenwriter. more »

Abdul Sattar Fathy

Abdul Sattar Fathy is a screenwriter. more »

Abdullah Al Amer

Abdullah Amer is a television producer and author. more »

Adam Adler

Adam Adler is a screenwriter and television producer. more »

Adam Boland

Adam Boland is an Australian television producer and director. He was Network Ten's Director of... more »

Adriana Suarez

Adriana Suarez is a screenwriter. more »

Ahmad Rushdy Saleh

Ahmad Rushdy Saleh is a screenwriter. more »

Ahmed Abdel-Rahman

Ahmed Abdel-Rahman is a screenwriter. more »

Ahmed Mahmoud Abou Zeid

Ahmed Mahmoud Abu Zeid is a screenwriter. more »

Ahmed Sakr

Ahmed Sakr is a television director. more »

Al Brodax

Al Brodax is an American film and television producer. He was sometimes credited as "Al Broadax." more »

Al Primo

Albert T. Primo is a television news executive who was credited with creating the Eyewitness... more »

al-Leith Hago

al-Leith Hago is a television director. more »

Alan Whiting

Alan Whiting is a British screenwriter who has written for Heartbeat, Wire in the Blood, Steel... more »

Albert Barillé

Albert Barillé was a French television producer, creator, screenwriter, cartoonist, and founder... more »

Alberto Gómez

Alberto Gómez is a screenwriter and creator of telenovelas from Venezuela. more »

Alberto Gonzalez

Alberto González was a humorist and iconoclast; known for his biting political satire and... more »

Alberto Manzi

Alberto Manzi has been a school teacher, a writer and an Italian television host known mostly... more »

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