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Babaloo Mandel

Marc "Babaloo" Mandel is an American writer. His writing credits include the television series... more »

Bahgat Kamar

Bahgat Kamar was an author and screenwriter. more »

Barbara Corday

Barbara Corday is a top American television executive, writer and producer mainly known for... more »

Barry Gray

Barry Gray was a British musician and composer best known for his collaborations with television... more »

Barry Murphy

Barry Murphy is an Irish comedian whose notable appearances include a starring role in Après... more »

Bart Verbeelen

Bart Verbeelen is a TV program creator and Tv director and producer. more »

Basel al-Khatib

Basel al-Khatib is a film and television director. more »

Bashir El Deek

Bashir El Deek is a screenwriter. more »

Bassam al-Mulla

Bassam al-Mulla is a television director. more »

Bea Schmidt

Bea Schmidt is a TV producer. more »

Belal Fadl

Belal Fadl is a screenplay writer, ex-journalist and a column writer at Almasry Alyoum born and... more »

Ben Court

Ben Court is a screenwriter. more »

Ben Klokman

Ben Klokman was een Nederlandse programmamaker en regisseur. more »

Ben Roberts

Benjamin Eisenberg Roberts was a film and television writer, producer and one of the creators of... more »

Ben Singer

Ben Singer is one of the program creator of Death Battle. more »

Ben Stephenson

Ben Stephenson is an English television executive, who has been controller of drama... more »

Benedito Ruy Barbosa

Benedito Ruy Barbosa is a screenwriter. more »

Benilde Ávila

Benilde Ávila is a TV program creator. more »

Bennie R. Richburg Jr.

Bennie R. Richburg Jr. is a film producer and writer. more »

Benny Barbash

Benny Barbash is a screenwriter. more »

Bernard Sahlins

Bernard "Bernie" Sahlins was an American writer, director and comedian best known as a founder... more »

Bert de Leon

Bert de Leon is a Television Director. more »

Beth Frey

Beth Frey is a film producer. more »

Beth Willis

Beth Willis is a British television producer, although she has worked as a script editor on... more »

Betsy Schechter

Betsy Schechter is a television producer and screenwriter. more »

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