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Larry Wanagas

Larry Wanagas is the founder of Bumstead Records. more »

Lawrence Turner

Lawrence Turner is an actor. more »

Laya Metzger

Laya Metzger is Ed Metzger's wife. more »

Lee Bang

Lee Bang is a pornographic actor. more »

Lee Wolfberg

Lee Wolfberg was an actor, TV producer, talent agent and manager. more »

Leslie Berger

Leslie Berger is an actress, comedienne, presenter, consultant, talent agent, salesperson, and... more »

Leslie Grade

Leslie Grade was a British theatrical talent agent. In 1943, he co-founded the Grade... more »

Lew Grade

Lew Grade, Baron Grade, born Lovat or Lev Winogradsky, was a Ukrainian-born British media... more »

Lew Wasserman

Lewis Robert "Lew" Wasserman was an American talent agent and studio executive, sometimes... more »

Lindsey Granger

Lindsey Granger was the daughter of Stewart Granger. more »

Ling Lucas

Ling Lucas is film producer. more »

Lisa Riley

Lisa Riley is a talent agent. more »

Liv Lindeland

Liv Lindeland is a Norwegian model, actress, and talent agent. She was chosen as Playboy... more »

Louise Scruggs

Louise Scruggs is a film producer. more »

Lucille Nugent

Lucille Nugent was the mother of actress Carol Nugent. more »

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