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Adam Darski

Adam Michał Darski, also known by his stage name Nergal, is a Polish musician and television... more »

Adam Goldworm

Adam Goldworm is a literary and talent manager at Aperture Entertainment, a new... more »

AJ Discala

AJ Discala is an actor and talent manager. more »

Akihiro Ichimiya

Akihiro Ichimiya is a talent manager. more »

Alain Simard

Alain Simard, né à Montréal en 1950, est un gestionnaire renommé de festivals urbains et... more »

Alan Eichler

Alan Eichler is an American theatrical producer, talent manager and press agent who has... more »

Alan McGee

Alan McGee has been a record label owner, musician, manager, and music blogger for The... more »

Alan Walden

Alan Walden was born May 23, 1943 in Macon, Georgia to C.B. and Carolyn Walden. He is an... more »

Albert Ernest Holmes

Albert Ernest Holmes was the spouse of Evelyn Dall. more »

Allan Williams

Allan Richard Williams is a former businessman and promoter and the original booking agent and... more »

Andre Recke

Andre Recke is an entertainment executive and music manager. more »

Andrew Chandler

Andrew "Chubby" Chandler is a retired English professional golfer and current Managing Director... more »

Andrew King

Andrew King is a music manager, formerly for Blackhill Enterprises, where he co-managed Pink... more »

Angela Gossow

Angela Nathalie Gossow is the lead vocalist for the Swedish melodic death metal band Arch Enemy... more »

Anja Lukaseder

Anja Lukaseder ist eine deutsche Künstler- und Musikmanagerin. more »

Annabelle Rama

Annabelle Rama is an actress. more »

Anthony Countey

Anthony Countey appeared in the Bad Brains: Band in DC documentary film. more »

Anthony Forwood

Anthony Forwood was an English actor. more »

Apollonia Kotero

Apollonia Kotero is an actress, singer, former model and talent manager of Mexican descent. She... more »

Armstead Edwards

Armstead Edwards is a schoolteacher and talent manager. more »

Arnold Stiefel

Arnold Stiefel, chairman and CEO of Stiefel Entertainment, is an American talent manager, film... more »

Arthur Judson

Arthur Leon Judson was an artists' manager who also managed the New York Philharmonic and... more »

Asteris Koutoulas

Asteris Koutoulas was born in Oradea on 5 April 1960. He is a Berlin-based Greek-German event... more »

Ayame Fujisawa

Ayame Fujisawa is the wife of Joe Hisaishi. more »

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