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Frank J. Sullivan

Frank J. Sullivan is a voice actor. more »

Frank Langella

Frank A. Langella, Jr. is an American stage and film actor. He has won three Tony Awards, two... more »

Frank Lenart

Frank Lenart is a film actor. more »

Frank Nelson

Frank Brandon Nelson was an American comedic actor best known for playing put-upon foils on... more »

Frank Oz

Frank Oz is a film director, actor, voice actor and puppeteer. more »

Frank Page

Frank Page is an actor and voice actor. more »

Frank Passingham

Frank Passingham is a cinematographer, film director and actor. more »

Frank Perry

Frank Perry is an actor and voice actor. more »

Frank Renzulli

Frank Renzulli is an American film actor, writer and producer. As an Emmy nominated writer and... more »

Frank Röth

Frank Röth is an actor and screenwriter. more »

Frank Schaff

Frank Schaff is an actor and a voice actor. more »

Frank Schröder

Frank Schröder is a voice actor. more »

Frank Simms

Frank Simms is an American singer and voice-over artist known for providing the voices behind... more »

Frank Thomas

Franklin Rosborough "Frank" Thomas was an American animator. He was one of Walt Disney's team of... more »

Frank Turba

Frank Turba is a German voice actor. more »

Frank Vincent

Frank Vincent Gattuso, known professionally as Frank Vincent, is an American actor, musician,... more »

Frank von Kuegelgen

Frank von Kuegelgen is a voice actor. more »

Frank Welker

Franklin Wendell "Frank" Welker is an American actor who specializes in voice acting. Due to the... more »

Frank Whitbeck

Frank Whitbeck was a voice actor. more »

Frankie Muniz

Francisco "Frankie" Muñiz IV is an American actor, musician, writer, producer, and racing... more »

Frankie Rome

Frankie Rome is a voice actor. more »

Frans Van Dusschoten

Frans Van Dusschoten is an actor. more »

Fransisca Java

Fransisca Java is a voice actress. more »

Franz Fazakas

Franz Fazakas is a special effects director, muppets designer, and voice actor. more »

Franziska Pigulla

Franziska Pigulla is a German actress, news presenter and voice actress. After her graduation... more »

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