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H. Jon Benjamin

H. Jon Benjamin, known professionally as H. Jon Benjamin and Jon Benjamin, is an American actor,... more »

H.M. Wynant

H.M. Wynant is an American film and television actor. Among his many television credits are... more »

Hadi Ka-Koush

Hadi Ka-Koush is an actor. more »

Hadijetu Alamin

Hadijetu Alamin is a voice actor. more »

Hadley Kay

Hadley Kay is a Canadian-born voice actor who appeared in the first two Care Bears movies: as... more »

Haim Zanati

Haim Zanati is an actor. more »

Hajime Akashi

Hajime Akashi is a voice actor. more »

Hajime Iijima

Hajime Iijima is a male Japanese voice actor from Kanagawa Prefecture affiliated with Office... more »

Hajime Koseki

Hajime Koseki is an actor. more »

Hajjah Ainon Arifi

Hajjah Ainon Arifi is a voice actress. more »


Hakuryu is an actor. more »

Hal Cleaveland

Hal Cleaveland is a voice actor. more »

Hal Douglas

Hal Douglas is a retired American voice actor best known for his work on movie trailers and... more »

Hal Holbrook

Harold Rowe "Hal" Holbrook, Jr. is an American actor. His television roles include Abraham... more »

Hal Lublin

Hal Lublin is an actor and a voice actor. more »

Hal Rayle

Hal Rayle is an American voice actor. He has done many roles for both animated series and live... more »

Hal Smith

Harold John "Hal" Smith was an American character actor and voice actor. Smith is best known as... more »

Hal Studer

Hal Studer is an actor. more »

Hal Yamanouchi

Hal Yamanouchi is an actor. more »

Haldun Boysan

Haldun Boysan is a Turkish actor. One of his notable works are Valley of the Wolves as Tombalacı... more »

Halle Berry

Halle Maria Berry is an American actress and former fashion model. She won an Academy Award for... more »

Hamadi Khemiri

Hamadi Khemiri is an actor and the brother of Jonas Hassen Khemiri. more »

Hamilton Camp

Hamilton Camp was an English-American singer, songwriter, actor and voice actor. more »

Han Suk-kyu

Han Suk-kyu is a South Korean actor. One of the leading actors of Korean cinema, Han's notable... more »

Hana Takeda

Hana Takeda is a voice actor. more »

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