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Oded Fehr

Oded Fehr is an Israeli film and television actor now based in the United States. He is known... more »

Ogie Banks

Ogie Banks is an actor. more »

Oh Seung-yoon

Oh Seung-yoon is an actor. more »

Oi Hiromi

Oi Hiromi is a voice actress. more »

Ōki Sugiyama

Ōki Sugiyama is a voice actor. more »

Olaf Reichmann

Olaf Reichmann is a voice actor. more »

Olan Soule

Olan Soule was an American character actor with hundreds of credits in films, radio,... more »

Ole Alfsen

Ole Alfsen is a voice actor. more »

Ole Andreasen

Ole Andreasen is a voice actor. more »

Oleg Tabakov

Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov is a Soviet and Russian actor and the artistic director of the Moscow Art... more »

Olga Cramer

Olga Cramer is an actress. more »

Olga Golovanova

Olga Golovanova is a voice actress. more »

Olga Naga

Olga Naga is a voice actress. more »

Olinto Cristina

Olinto Cristina was an Italian film actor. He appeared in 75 films between 1932 and 1957. He... more »

Olive Gregg

Olive Gregg was an actress. more »

Oliver Elias

Oliver Elias is an actor, voice actor, businessperson, film director and screenwriter. more »

Oliver Feld

Oliver Feld is a voice actor. more »

Oliver Grainger

Oliver Grainger is a Canadian child voice actor. He is the voice actor for the character Dongwa,... more »

Oliver Kalkofe

Oliver Kalkofe is a German satirist, columnist, book author and actor. more »

Oliver Mink

Oliver Mink is an actor. more »

Oliver Muirhead

Oliver Muirhead is an English character actor known for often portraying pompous country... more »

Oliver North

Oliver Laurence "Ollie" North is a former United States Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel,... more »

Oliver Pocher

Oliver Pocher is a German actor, stand-up comedian and television host. more »

Oliver Postgate

Oliver Postgate was an English animator, puppeteer and writer. He was the creator and writer of... more »

Oliver Rohrbeck

Oliver Rohrbeck is a German television actor and voice actor. As a voice artist, Rohrbeck... more »

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