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Haruhiko Jō

Haruhiko Jō is a Japanese actor, theatre director and voice actor currently affiliated with... more »

Hasegawa Yui

Hasegawa Yui is a member of the female Japanese idol group Sweety. more »

Hidekazu Ichinose

Hidekazu Ichinose is a Japanese voice actor. more »

Hidemitsu Shimizu

Hidemitsu Shimizu is a voice actor. more »

Hironori Miyata

Hironori Miyata is a Japanese voice actor from Kōchi Prefecture, who is currently affiliated... more »

Hirotaka Chiba

Hirotaka Chiba is a Japanese actor and voice actor. more »

Hiroyuki Takanaka

Hiroyuki Takanaka is a voice actor. more »

Hisayo Yanai

Hisayo Yanai is a voice actor. more »

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