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Osmund, Count of Sées was an early Norman nobleman and member of the English clergy; he... more »


Osmund was a medieval Bishop of London. Osmund was consecrated between 801 and 803 and died... more »

Osmund Airy

Osmund Airy was an English historian. He was the youngest son of Sir George Biddell Airy, the... more »

Osmund Andersen Lømsland

Osmund Andersen Lømsland was a Norwegian farmer and politician. He was born in Oddernes, and... more »

Osmund Brønnum

Osmund Lindgaard Brønnum was a Norwegian sports official and communist resistance member. He was... more »

Osmund Faremo

Osmund Faremo was a Norwegian politician for the Labour Party. He was born in Hylestad and was... more »

Osmund Holm-Hansen

Osmund Holm-Hansen is a Norwegian-born American scientist, for whom Mount Holm-Hansen, in... more »

Osmund Jayaratne

Vidya Jyothi Osmund Jayaratne was Sri Lankan academic and politician. He was the President of... more »

Osmund Kaldheim

Osmund Kaldheim is a Norwegian businessperson, civil servant and politician for the Conservative... more »

Osmund Mark Fitzgerald

Osmund Mark Fitzgerald is the son of Cissy Fitzgerald. more »

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