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Hal Taft

Hal Taft is an announcer. more »

Hannie Lips

Hannie Lips was a Dutch broadcaster and television announcer of among others Dutch public... more »

Harry Bartell

Harry Bartell was an American actor and announcer in radio, television and film. With his rather... more »

Harry Caray

Harry Caray, born Harry Christopher Carabina was an American baseball broadcaster on radio and... more »

Harry Elton

Harry Elton was a Canadian broadcaster, primarily known as the television producer who... more »

Harry Kalas

Harry Norbert Kalas was an American sportscaster, best known for his Ford C. Frick Award-winning... more »

Harry Kramer

Harry Kramer was an American radio and television announcer, better known as the "Voice of CBS... more »

Harry McShane

Harold "Harry" McShane was a Scottish football player, who played as a direct and speedy winger... more »

Henry Ramer

Henry Ramer was an actor, voice actor and announcer. more »

Herbie Kuhn

Herbie Kuhn is a Canadian public address announcer for the Toronto Raptors of the National... more »

Hisaya Morishige

Hisaya Morishige was a Japanese actor and comedian. Born in Hirakata, Osaka Prefecture, he... more »

Hitomi Nakamura

Hitomi Nakamura is an announcer and the wife of Kazuki Ōtake. more »

Howard Cosell

Howard William Cosell was an American sports journalist who was widely known for his blustery,... more »

Howard Finkel

Howard Finkel is a professional wrestling ring announcer, being employed by WWE since 1977. He... more »

Howie Rose

Howard Rose is an American sportscaster. He is currently the radio voice of the New York Mets on... more »

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