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Aaron Mills

Aaron Mills is a member of the musical group, Cameo. more »

Aaron Palmer

Aaron Palmer is a bassist. more »

Aaron Trubic

As an experienced studio and touring musician, recording engineer, producer, vocalist, cellist... more »

Abraham LaBoriel

Abraham Laboriel, Sr. is a Mexican bassist who has played on over 4,000 recordings and... more »

Adam Clayton

Adam Charles Clayton is an English musician best known as the bassist of the rock band U2. He... more »

Adam Crosariol

Adam Crosariol is a member of the musical group, Hillsong United. more »

Adam Duce

Adam Duce is an American musician, best known as a founding member and former bassist of the... more »

Adam Kury

Adam Kury is a bassist and vocalist based in Los Angeles, California. He has performed with... more »

Adam Metzger

Adam Brett Metzger is an American bassist and vocalist for the New York City based indi... more »

Adam Minkoff

Adam Minkoff is a member of the musical group Fife & Drom. more »

Adam Muhammad Subarkah

Adam Muhammad Subarkah is the bassist of music group Sheila on 7. more »

Adam Newton

Adam Newton is a bassist. more »

Adam Ravitz

Adam Ravitz is a musician. more »

Adam Vass

Adam Vass is a member of the musical group, La Dispute. more »

Adinant Nokteat

Adinant Nokteat is a member of the band Micro. more »

Adrian Lambert

Adrian Lambert is an English bassist and songwriter who currently plays for thrash metal band... more »

Adrian Shaw

Adrian Shaw, frequently known as Ade Shaw, is a musician primarily working in the psychedelic... more »

Ahmed Abdul-Malik

Ahmed Abdul-Malik was a jazz double bassist and oud player. more »

Aimee Mann

Aimee Mann is an American rock singer-songwriter, guitarist and bassist, best known for fronting... more »

Alain Caron

Alain Caron is a French Canadian jazz bassist. The youngest of 11 children, Caron started... more »

Alain Johannes

Alain Johannes Moschulski is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, whose primary instruments are... more »

Alain Pérez

Alain Pérez is a bassist. more »

Alan Bartram

Alan Bartram is a member of the musical group Del McCoury Band. more »

Alan Blakley

Alan Blakley was a film score composer. more »

Alan Davey

Alan Davey is an English musician, best known as the former bassist with Hawkwind. He is now the... more »

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