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Ingolf Luck

Ingolf Lück is a German actor, comedian and television host. He hosted several sketch comedy... more »

Ingrid da Silva Guimarães

Ingrid da Silva Guimarães, is a Brazilian actress, comedian and presenter. more »

Ingrid Oliver

Ingrid Oliver is a British actress and comedian, and one half of comic double act Watson & Oliver. more »


Innocent Vareed Thekkethala, popularly known as Innocent, is an Indian film actor and... more »

Ioan Gyuri Pascu

Ioan Gyuri Pascu is a Romanian pop music singer, producer, actor and comedian, also known for... more »

Irfan Khoosat

Irfan Khoosat is a Pakistani actor, producer and a well-known comedian. He is famous for his... more »

Iris Bahr

Iris Bahr is an American actress, comedian, director, writer and producer. She has appeared on... more »

Irvan Hakim

Irfan Hakim is a model, comedian, actor, and presenter. more »

Irwin Corey

"Professor" Irwin Corey is an American comic, film actor and activist, often billed as "The... more »

Isabel Fay

Isabel Fay is a British comedy writer and performer. more »

Ish Kabibble

Ish Kabibble was a comedian and cornet player. Born Merwyn Bogue in North East, Pennsylvania, he... more »

Isidore Meltzer

Isidore Meltzer was an actor. more »

Ismail Yasin

Ismail Yasin was an Egyptian comedian/actor. He is famous for a series of films with his name in... more »

Israel Shumacher

Israel Shumacher was a Yiddish comedian who worked together with Shimon Dzigan, thus forming... more »

Isseu Niang

Isseu Niang was an actor. more »

Itsuji Itao

Itsuji Itao is a Japanese comedian and actor. He is a member of the comedy duo 130R and former... more »

Ivan Mládek

Ivan Mládek is a Czech songwriter, composer, and comedian. more »

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