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Abby Hancock

Abigail C. "Abby" Hancock held the title of Miss Alaska in 2010 and competed in the Miss America... more »

Abbygale Arenas

Abbygale Williamson Arenas is a former model from the Philippines. She is 5'9" and is said to... more »

Abigail Elizalde

Abigail Elizalde Romo is the 2008 Miss Earth Mexico titleholder and was the second runner-up or... more »

Abigail McCary

Abigail McCary is a former beauty queen who represented United States in Miss World 2007 in... more »

Abigail Royce

Abigail Ann Royce is a beauty queen from the United States of America. She was crowned as Miss... more »

Abiola Bashorun

Abiola Bashorun is a model, and former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria. In 2006, eighteen... more »

Ada de la Cruz

Ada Aimée de la Cruz Ramírez is a Dominican beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss... more »

Adahisa Peña

Adahisa Peña Arteaga is a pageant titleholder, born in Valencia, Venezuela. She was represented... more »

Adriana Vasini

Adriana Cristina Vasini Sánchez, is a Venezuelan beauty queen and fashion model who won the... more »

Adrienn Bende

Adrienn Bende is the winner of the Miss Universe Hungary contest in 2006, and one of the 20... more »

Agni Pratistha

Agni Pratistha Arkadewi Kuswardono is an actress and beauty queen who has competed in the Miss... more »

Agustina Quinteros

Agustina Quinteros is a beauty queen who represented Argentina in Miss World 2008 in South... more »

Aheu Deng

Aheu Kidum Deng is a beauty queen and fashion model from South Sudan. She won the title of Miss... more »

Aikaterini Evangelinou

Aikaterini Evangelinou is a beauty queen who represented Greece in Miss World 2007 in China. She... more »

Aisha Berry

Aisha Berry is a beauty queen from Cincinnati, Ohio who has competed in the Miss USA... more »

Alba Reyes

Alba Giselle Reyes Santos is a Puerto Rican beauty pageant titleholder and reality show... more »

Alejandra Echevarría

Alejandra Echevarria is a Spanish beauty queen, fashion model, and singer. She represented Spain... more »

Alejandra Quintero

Alejandra Quintero Velasco is a Mexican woman from the state of Nuevo León, who represented her... more »

Alena Aladka

Alena Aladka is a beauty queen who represented Belarus in Miss World 2007 in China. Since 2010... more »

Alexandra Braun

Alexandra Braun Waldeck is a Venezuelan actress model and Miss Earth 2005, an annual... more »

Alexandra Hoffman

Alexandra "Alex" Hoffman is a beauty queen and athlete from Eureka, South Dakota, who competed... more »

Alexandra Rosenfeld

Alexandra Rosenfeld was elected Miss France in 2006. Representing the region of Languedoc, she... more »

Alexis LeVan

Alexis LeVan is a beauty queen from Sioux Falls, South Dakota who has competed in the Miss USA... more »

Alfina Nasyrova

Alfina Nassyrova is a Kazaki beauty queen who won the national pageant Miss Kazakhstan in 2007... more »

Alicia-Monique Blanco

Alicia-Monique Blanco is a beauty queen from Phoenix, Arizona who was crowned Miss Arizona USA... more »