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H-Eugene is a South Korean recording artist. His collaborations with widely popular pop artists... more »

H. Balfour Gardiner

Henry Balfour Gardiner was a British musician, composer, and teacher. Between his conventional... more »

H. Dean Wagner

H. Dean Wagner is an American composer of handbell and organ music. His works for... more »

H. G. Pelissier

H. G. Pelissier is a theatrical producer, composer and satirist. more »

H. Hugh Bancroft

Henry Hugh Bancroft was a British organist and composer who was organist of five cathedrals. He... more »

H. Johannes Wallmann

H. Johannes Wallmann is a contemporary composer and integral artist. His works cover... more »

H. Owen Reed

Herbert Owen Reed is an American composer, conductor, and author. more »

H. Scott Hughes

H. Scott Hughes is a Texas-born writer and filmmaker, as well as singer/songwriter, and... more »

H. Scott Salinas

H. Scott Salinas is an American composer and musician. more »

H.A. Der-Hovagimian

H.A. Der-Hovagimian born in Toronto, Ontario, is a Canadian-Armenian music composer, songwriter... more »

H.L. Narayana Rao

H.L. Narayana Rao is the father of Vishnuvardhan. more »

Ha Sebin

Ha Sebin is a South Korean musician. He is the leader and lead guitarist of rock band Nemesis,... more »


Habib Wahid, is a Bangladeshi composer and musician. He is notable for his fusion of traditional... more »

Habib Azar

Habib Azar is an American film, theater and television director. more »

Habib Qaderi

Habib Qaderi, född 1971 i Kartay Parwan i Kabul i Afghanistan, är en afghansk sångare. Qaderi är... more »

Hachidai Nakamura

Hachidai Nakamura was a Japanese songwriter and jazz pianist. more »

Hacı Arif Bey

Haci Arif Bey was a Turkish composer from Istanbul, most known for his compositions in the şarkı... more »

Hadda Brooks

Hadda Brooks, was an American pianist, vocalist and composer. Her first single, "Swingin' the... more »

Hafez Nazeri

Hafez Nazeri is an Iranian composer of Kurdish descent. He is the son of musician Shahram... more »

Hafiz Ali Khan

Haafiz Ali Khan was an Indian Sarod player. He was a tall figure in twentieth-century sarod... more »

Hafliði Hallgrímsson

Hafliði Hallgrímsson is an Icelandic composer, currently living in Bath. Hafliði was the... more »

Hagood Hardy

Hugh Hagood Hardy, CM was a Canadian composer, pianist, and vibraphonist. He is best known for... more »

Hahn Rowe

Hahn Rowe is an internationally renowned violinist, guitarist, composer, and engineer/producer... more »

Hai Lin

Hai Lin is a composer. more »

Haim Alexander

Haim Alexander was an Israeli composer. more »

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