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Aaron Katersky

Aaron Katersky is an award-winning ABC News Radio correspondent based in New York. He is a... more »

Adam Clay Thompson

Adam Clay Thompson is an American investigative journalist, for ProPublica. He was a reporter... more »

Alastair Leithead

Alastair Leithead is a British journalist working as a foreign correspondent for the BBC... more »

Alejandra Espinoza

Alejandra Espinoza Cruz is a Mexican beauty queen, Model, and TV presenter. She won the first... more »

Annechien Steenhuizen

Annechien Steenhuizen is een Nederlands journaliste, verslaggeefster en presentatrice. Sinds mei... more »

Arwa Damon

Arwa Damon is CNN International Beirut-based Senior International Correspondent. Damon joined... more »

Avis Favaro

Avis Favaro is Canada's longest serving on air medical correspondent - now with CTV News since... more »