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Ann Miller

Johnnie Lucille Collier, known professionally as Ann Miller, was an American dancer, singer and... more »

Ann Pennington

Ann Pennington was an actress, dancer, and singer who starred on Broadway in the 1910s and... more »

Ann Reinking

Ann Reinking is an American actress, dancer, and choreographer. She has worked extensively in... more »


Ann-Margret Olsson is a Swedish-American actress, singer, and dancer whose professional name is... more »

Anna Carina

Anna Carina Copello Hora is a Peruvian dancer, actress, pop singer-songwriter and guitarist,... more »

Anna Eklund

Anna Eklund is an actress. more »

Anna Głogowska

Anna Głogowska is a dancer. more »

Anna Halprin

Anna Halprin helped pioneer the experimental art form known as postmodern dance and referred to... more »

Anna Hausburg

Anna Hausburg is an actress. more »

Anna Held

Helene Anna Held was a Polish-born stage performer and singer, most often associated with... more »

Anna Huber

Anna Huber is an actress and a dancer. more »

Anna Maria Perez de Taglé

Anna María Francesca Enriquez Perez de Taglé is an American actress and singer. She is known for... more »

Anna Melnikova

Anna Melnikova is a Russian female acrobatic gymnast. Along with Yanna Cholaeva, she has come... more »

Anna Pírková

Anna Pírková was an actress and a dancer. more »

Anna Sundstrand

Anna Maria Carolina Sundstrand is a Swedish singer and model. She was a member of the Swedish... more »

Anna Tsygankova

Anna Tsygankova is a dancer. more »

Anna Wehsarg

Anna Wehsarg appeared in the 2011 documentary Pina. more »

Anna-Jane Casey

Anna-Jane Casey is an English singer, dancer and actress best known for her work in musical theatre. more »

Annabeth Miller

Annabeth Miller is an actress and dancer. more »

Annalisa Ericson

Annalisa Ericson was a Swedish actress best known for her roles in 58 Swedish movies between... more »

Anne Battler

Anne Battler was a dancer, and the former wife of Lou Costello. more »

Anne Hart

Anne Hart is an actress and dancer. more »

Anne Laxholm

Anne Laxholm is a professional dancer and judge for Vild med dans. more »

Anne Marsen

Anne Marsen is a dancer. more »

Anne McDaniels

Anne McDaniels is an actress. more »