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Christopher Bobonich

Christopher Bobonich is an American philosopher and a leading scholar of ancient philosophy,... more »

Christopher Chetsanga

Christopher J Chetsanga is a preeminent Zimbabwean scientist. more »

Chuck Huber

Chuck Huber is an American voice actor, ADR director and ADR script writer primarily known for... more »

Chuck Wackerman

Chuck Wackerman is the father of Brooks Wackerman. more »

Chungliang Al Huang

Chungliang “Al” Huang is a notable philosopher, dancer, performing artist, and internationally... more »

Clara Lovett

Clara M. Lovett is an American educator and the former president of Northern Arizona University. more »

Clarence Brown

Clarence Brown is a translator, educator and author. more »

Clarence Chant

Clarence Augustus Chant was a Canadian astronomer and physicist. He was born in Hagermans... more »

Clarence Nero

Clarence Nero is an author, screenwriter and educator. more »

Claude C Albritton

Claude C. Albritton was a professor of geology and author. more »

Claude Clichy

Claude Clichy is the father of professional soccer player Gaël Clichy. more »

Clay Jenkins

Clay Jenkins is trumpeter and educator. more »

Clay S. Jenkinson

Clay Straus Jenkinson is an American humanities scholar, author and educator. He is currently... more »

Cléo Dubois

Cléo Dubois was an early member of the San Francisco Leather community and is now a BDSM... more »

Clinton Oliver White

Clinton Oliver White is an educator and former political figure in Saskatchewan, Canada. He... more »

Colin Thiele

Colin Milton Thiele AC was an Australian author and educator. He was renowned for his... more »

Conrad Bachmann

Conrad Bachmann is an actor. more »

Constance Rourke

Constance Mayfield Rourke was an American author and educator. She was born in Cleveland, Ohio,... more »

Cordwainer Smith

Cordwainer Smith was the pseudonym used by American author Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger for his... more »

Crystal Robbins

Crystal Robbins is an actress. more »

Cui Zi En

Cui Zi En, also Cui Zi'en, is a film director, film scholar, screenwriter, novelist and an... more »

Cyril Jackson

Cyril Jackson was Dean of Christ Church, Oxford 1783–1809. Jackson was born in Yorkshire, and... more »

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