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Oden Bowie

Oden Bowie, a member of the United States Democratic Party, was the 34th Governor of the State... more »

Odette Krempin

Princess Odette Maniema Krempin is an African entrepreneur, philanthropist and honorary consul... more »

Oksana Kolesnikova

Oksana Yurievna Kolesnikova is a Russian-American composer, concert pianist and entrepreneur... more »

Olan Mills Sr.

Olan Mills, Sr. was an American photographer and entrepreneur known for co-founding the company... more »

Ole Tangen Jr.

Ole Tangen Jr. is a journalist, editor, writer, film producer, entrepreneur and baseball coach. more »

Oleg Deripaska

Oleg Vladimirovich Deripaska is the Russian Chairman of Supervisory Board of Basic Element... more »

Olinda Castielle

Olinda Joy Elisabeth Castielle is a Swedish television personality who was a contestant on the... more »

Oliver "Power" Grant

Oliver Grant is a film actor and music contributor. more »

Oliver Jung

Oliver Jung is a serial entrepreneur and private venture capital investor based in Pfaeffikon,... more »

Oliver Muoto

Oliver Muoto is a Polish-born entrepreneur responsible for co-founding several early stage... more »

Oliver Parker Fritchle

Oliver Parker Fritchle was an American chemist, storage battery innovator, and entrepreneur with... more »

Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John, AO, OBE is a British-born Australian singer, songwriter, and actress. She is... more »

Omar Hamoui

Omar is an entrepreneur with deep roots in the mobile industry. After earning a... more »

Omar Hijazi

Omar Hijazi is the managing partner of Digital Daya, a privately owned company and also the... more »

Omar Samra

Omar Samra is an adventurer, mountaineer, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and future... more »

Omar Soliman

Omar Soliman is an American entrepreneur, author, television personality and co-founder of... more »

Orestes Quércia

Orestes Quércia was a Brazilian politician. He was the 28th governor of São Paulo State. When... more »

Orville Redenbacher

Orville Clarence Redenbacher was an American businessman most often associated with the brand of... more »

Oscar Harris

Oscar Harris was an arborist who later became a businessman. more »

Oskar Ferdinand Mayer

Oscar Ferdinand Mayer was a German American who founded the processed-meat firm Oscar Mayer that... more »

Otavio Good

Otávio Good is an American computer programmer and inventor. He is the founder and chief... more »

Otello Sandrelli

Otello Sandrelli was the father of actress Stefania Sandrelli. more »

Otto Lughin

Otto Lughin is the husband of actress Irène Galter. more »

Ovanes Ohanian

Ovanes Ohanian was an Armenian-Iranian father of Helen Ohaniance, Orod Ohanians and Pavel... more »

Ovidio G. Assonitis

Ovidio Assonitis is an independent film producer and businessman with over 35 years of... more »

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