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Da Silva

Da Silva, full name Cleonésio Carlos da Silva is a Brazilian footballer who plays as a forward... more »

Daan Bovenberg

Daan Bovenberg is a Dutch professional footballer who plays for Eredivisie club NEC as a... more »

Daan den Bleijker

Daan den Bleijker is a former Dutch footballer who was active as a forward. Den Bleijker made... more »

Daan Huiskamp

Daan Huiskamp is a Dutch footballer. He currently plays with DVS '33. He first played in several... more »

Daan Vaesen

Daan Vaesen is a Belgian footballer currently playing at FCV Dender. In July 2008 he moved from... more »

Daan van Dinter

Daan van Dinter is a Dutch professional footballer who is currently without a club. He formerly... more »

Dadá Maravilha

Dario José dos Santos, nicknamed Dario, or Dadá Maravilha is a former Brazilian footballer. He... more »

Daddy Birori

Daddy Birori is a Rwandan footballer. more »

Dado Pršo

Miladin "Dado" Pršo is a Croatian former professional footballer who played as a striker. Pršo... more »


Eduardo Fernando Pereira Gomes, aka Dady, is a Cape Verdean professional footballer who plays... more »

Dag Ole Thomassen

Dag Ole Thomassen is a Norwegian football goalkeeper who currently plays for Odd Grenland. He... more »

Dag Roar Ørsal

Dag Roar Ørsal is a Norwegian football midfielder who currently plays for IL Hødd. His former... more »

Dagfinn Enerly

Dagfinn Enerly is a former Norwegian football player. He played for Norwegian Premier League... more »


Dagoberto Pelentier is a Brazilian professional footballer nicknamed Dagoberto who currently... more »

Dagoberto Moll

Dagoberto Moll Sequeira is a former Uruguayan footballer and manager. He is remembered for his... more »

Dagoberto Portillo

Dagoberto Portillo Gamero is a Salvadoran football goalkeeper who currently plays for C.D. Luis... more »

Dagui Bakari

Dagui Orphie Bakari is a retired Ivorian football striker. more »

Dai Astley

David John "Dai" Astley was a Welsh international footballer who played as an inside forward in... more »

Dai Evans

David "Dai" Evans was a professional footballer who played as a left half in the 1920s. He... more »

Dai Ward

David "Dai" Ward was a Welsh former professional footballer and Wales international. During his... more »

Dainius Kunevičius

Dainius Kunevičius is a Lithuanian footballer, currently playing for FK LKKA ir Teledema... more »

Dale Banton

Dale Conrad Banton is an English former footballer who played as a striker. more »

Dale Carrick

Dale Carrick is a Scottish professional footballer, who plays for Heart of Midlothian in the... more »

Dale Gordon

Dale Andrew Gordon is a former professional association football player who played for Norwich... more »

Dale Hilson

Dale Hilson is a Scottish footballer who plays as a striker for Dundee United, he is currently... more »

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