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Jack Bond

Jack Bond is the ex-husband of Patricia Taylor. more »

Jack Sahakian

Jack Leon Sahakian was an American hairdresser and actor. He was born in Oakland, California,... more »

James Brown

James Brown, is a British hair stylist. more »

James Canino

James Canino is an actor, Stand-up comedian and a hairdresser. more »

James D. Brown

James D. Brown is a hairdresser. more »

James Stewart

A published author and hairdresser of London, England during the 1700's. more »

Jan Wilson

Jan Wilson is an actress. more »

Janet Gallo

Janet Gallo is the mother of Vincent Gallo. more »

Janice Alexander

Janice Alexander is a hair stylist. more »

Jean-Claude Biguine

Jean-Claude Biguine is a hairdresser and businessman. more »

Jeanette Freeman

Jeanette Freeman is a hairdresser. more »

Jeff Gautier

Jeff Gautier is a hair stylist and makeup artist. more »

Jeong-han Kim

Jeong-han Kim is a hair stylist and actor. more »

Jheri Redding

Jheri Redding was an American hairdresser, chemist, hair care products entrepreneur and... more »

Jill Von Gortler

Jill Von Gortler is a film crewmember. more »

Joan Hills

Joan Hills is a make-up artist and hairdresser. more »

Joanne Leslie

Joanne Leslie is a hairdresser and the mother of Matt Craven. more »

Joe Edward Matke III

Joe Edward Matke III is Hair Stylist. more »

John Frieda

John Frieda is a British celebrity hairstylist and founder of hair salon and hair product... more »

John Malone

John Malone is a hairdresser. more »

John Patrick Killian

John Patrick Killian is a hair stylist and was a nominee for the 2013 Daytime Emmy Award for... more »

Jon Peters

Jon Peters is an American movie producer. more »

Jonathan Antin

Jonathan Antin is the owner of two Los Angeles hair salons, Jonathan Salon West Hollywood and... more »

Josh Wood

Josh Wood is a British hairdresser. He is best known for his celebrity stylist work and his hair... more »

Juan Bautista Cucarella

Juan Bautista Cucarella is an actor and hairdresser. more »