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M. E. Bradford

Melvin E. "Mel" Bradford was a conservative political commentator and professor of literature at... more »

Maksut Narikbaev

Maqsut Sultanuly Narikbaev;; is a Kazakh jurist who served as the third Chairman of the Supreme... more »

Marco Biagi

Marco Biagi was an Italian jurist. A native of Bologna, he was professor of labour law and... more »

Margarita Popova

Margarita Stefanova Popova is Bulgarian jurist, prosecutor, educator who has been Vice President... more »

Maria da Assunção Esteves

Maria da Assunção Andrade Esteves is a Portuguese politician and was a Member of the European... more »

María Dolores de Cospedal

María Dolores de Cospedal García is a Spanish People's Party politician who is the President of... more »

Maria Lourdes Sereno

María Lourdes Aranal-Sereno is the 24th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines... more »

María Teresa Fernández de la Vega

María Teresa Fernández de la Vega Sanz, LLD is a Spanish Valencian Socialist politician. From 18... more »

Marvin R. Baxter

Marvin Ray Baxter is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of California. more »

Matthias Abele

Matthias Abele von und zu Lilienberg brother of Christoph Ignaz Abele, was a mine official and... more »

Max Edelbacher

Max Edelbacher is an actor. more »

Menachem Elon

Menachem Elon was an Israeli jurist and Professor of Law specializing in Mishpat Ivri, Orthodox... more »

Michael Cicconetti

Michael Cicconetti is a judge in Painesville, Lake County, Ohio who dispenses a unique brand of... more »

Michael Graf von Matuschka

Michael Graf von Matuschka was a German politician who took part in the July 20 plot. more »

Michael Kirby

Michael Donald Kirby AC, CMG is an Australian jurist and academic who is a former Justice of the... more »

Michiel Vos

Michiel Vos is a Dutch-American journalist, lawyer, jurist and United States correspondent. He... more »

Mihai Ghimpu

Mihai Ghimpu is a Moldovan politician. He was Speaker of Parliament from 28 August 2009 to 30... more »

Mihail Savenco

Mihail Savenco was a Moldovan politician. He was a high official of the Moldavian Democratic... more »

Mihail Taşcă

Mihai Taşcă is a historian and jurist from the Republic of Moldova. more »

Mihály Korom

Mihály Korom was a Hungarian politician and jurist, who served as Minister of Justice between... more »

Mikhail Fedorovich Malakhov

Mikhail Fedorovich Malakhov is a Kazakhstani jurist, who served as the second Chairman of the... more »

Mills Lane

Mills Bee Lane III is a retired boxing referee, a former boxer, was a two-term Washoe County... more »

Ming Chin

Ming William Chin is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of California. He was appointed... more »

Mónika Lamperth

Mónika Lamperth is a Hungarian politician and jurist, who served as Interior Minister between... more »

Muhammad al-Baqir

Muḥammad ibn ‘Alī al-Bāqir was the Fifth Imām to the Twelver Shi‘a and Fourth Imām to the... more »

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