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Udi Davidi

Udi Davidi is an Israeli singer, musician, lyricist and composer. Davidi is considered one of... more »

Udo Dirkschneider

Udo Dirkschneider is a German heavy metal singer who is best known as the vocalist in German... more »

Ueno Koji

Ueno Koji is a bassist. more »

Uffe Savery

Uffe Savery is a Danish musician. more »

Uģis Prauliņš

Uģis Prauliņš is a Latvian composer whose choral work Missa Rigensis was recorded by the Choir... more »

Ulf Dageby

Ulf Thorbjörn Dageby is a Swedish rock musician, singer and songwriter. Dageby is mostly known... more »

Ulf Lundell

Ulf Lundell is a Swedish writer, poet, songwriter, composer, musician and artist. He made his... more »

Uli Eisner

Uli Eisner ist ein deutscher Tonmeister, Musikproduzent und Komponist. more »

Uli Lenz

Uli Lenz is a German composer, pianist, and producer creating music in the modern jazz genre. more »

Ulises Bella

Ulises Bella is a member of the musical group, Ozomatli. more »

Ulises Lozano

Ulises Lozano is a member of the musical group Kinky. more »

Ulises Medina Castro

Ulises Medina Castro is the son of Luis Medina Castro. more »

Ulla Henningsen

Ulla Henningsen is an actress and a musician. more »

Ulla Pirttijärvi

Ulla Pirttijärvi is a traditional Sami vocalist from the village of Angeli, Finland. She began... more »

Ulrich Bassenge

Ulrich Bassenge ist ein deutscher Hörspielmacher und -regisseur, Komponist, Musiker und Autor. more »

Ulrich Schnauss

Ulrich Schnauss is an electronic musician and producer based in Germany. more »

Ulrich Tukur

Ulrich Tukur is a German actor and musician. more »

Ulrik Neumann

Ulrik Neumann was a Danish film actor and musician. He appeared in 19 films between 1940 and... more »


Finn McNicholas aka Ultre is an electronic music musician from England. more »


Umanji, born Maruti Johannes Nkuna, was a South African musician and singer-songwriter. more »

Umberto Tozzi

Umberto Antonio Tozzi is an Italian pop/rock singer and composer, born in Turin. His most... more »

Ümit Acar

Ümit Acar is an actor and musician. more »

Ümit Besen

Ümit Besen represents the darker side of Tarabya school of electronic music. He started his... more »

Ümit Sedgi

Ümit Sedgi is a member of the group Rockchild. more »

Uncle Kracker

Matthew Shafer is an American rock musician known as Uncle Kracker. His singles include "Follow... more »

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