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Elizabeth Margaret Tabar

Elizabeth Margaret Tabar is a painter and nurse. more »

Elizabeth McMaster

Elizabeth McMaster was a Canadian humanitarian and head of the committee which founded the... more »

Elizabeth Raybould

Elizabeth Raybould, OBE, FRCN, was a British nurse and nursing educator credited with helping to... more »

Ellen Alice Anderson

Ellen Alice Anderson was a New Zealand district nurse. She was born in Eketahuna, Wairarapa, New... more »

Ellen Burke

Ellen Burke is the wife of Clem Burke. more »

Ellen Church

Ellen Church was the first female flight attendant. Church was born in Cresco, Iowa. After... more »

Ellen Musson

Dame Ellen Mary Musson, DBE, LLD was Chair of the General Nursing Council for England and Wales... more »

Ellen Newbold La Motte

Ellen Newbold La Motte was an American nurse, journalist and author. She began her nursing... more »

Elma Scott

Elma Scott is the mother of actor Dougray Scott. more »

Elsie Knocker

Elsie Knocker was a British nurse and ambulance driver in World War I who, together with her... more »

Elsie L. Harris

Elsie L. Smith is a nurse. more »

Emilia Francesch

Emilia Francesch was a nurse. more »

Emilina Smits

Emilina Smits is the mother of Jimmy Smits. more »

Emily Maude Tayler

Emily Maude Tayler was the mother of Doris Lessing. more »

Emma Harris

Emma Harris was a nurse and teacher. more »

Erika Lüttge

Erika Lüttge is a nurse. more »

Erna Flegel

Erna Flegel, born in Kiel in 1911, was a German nurse. In late April 1945 she worked at the... more »

Esther Hasson

Esther Voorhees Hasson was the first Superintendent of the United States Navy Nurse Corps. Prior... more »

Ethel Gordon Fenwick

Ethel Gordon Fenwick was a British nurse who campaigned to procure a nationally recognised... more »

Ethel Lee

Ethel Lee is the mother of Kourtney Brown. more »

Ethel Roosevelt Derby

Ethel Carow Roosevelt Derby was the youngest daughter and fourth child of the President of the... more »

Eunice Simpson

Eunice Simpson was a nurse. more »

Eve Johnson

Eve Johnson is a nurse and the mother of Reginald VelJohnson. more »

Evelyn Marsden

Evelyn Marsden was the only Australian female survivor of the sinking of the RMS Titanic and was... more »

Evelyn Mase

Evelyn Mase was a South African nurse, who was the first wife of the anti-apartheid activist and... more »

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