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A. Viruly

A. Viruly was a screenwriter. more »

A.J. Evans

A.J. Evans is a World War I Royal Flying Corps pilot and double prisoner-of-war escapee who... more »

Abbas Babaei

Abbas Babaei was an Iranian pilot and Major General in the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force,... more »

Abbas Ibn Firnas

Abbas Ibn Firnas, also known as Abbas Abu Al-Qasim Ibn Firnas Ibn Wirdas al-Takurini, was a... more »

Abdul Ahad Mohmand

Abdul Ahad Momand is a former Afghan Air Force aviator who became the first Afghan and 4th... more »

Adolphe Pégoud

Adolphe Célestin Pégoud was a French aviator and flight instructor, who became the first fighter... more »

Adrian Warburton

Wing Commander Adrian "Warby" Warburton DSO & Bar, DFC & Two Bars was a Royal Air Force pilot... more »

Adriano Visconti

Major Adriano Visconti di Lampugnano was one of Italy's top flying aces of the Second World War,... more »

Ahmed Maxamed Xasan

Ahmed Maxamed Xasan is a former Somali airforce pilot known for his refusal to bombard Somalia's... more »

Al Guthery

Al Guthery is a helicopter pilot. more »

Alan Bott

Captain Alan John Bott was a World War I flying ace who was credited with five aerial victories... more »

Alan Shepard

Alan Bartlett "Al" Shepard, Jr. was an American naval aviator, test pilot, flag officer, NASA... more »

Albert Cushing Read

Albert Cushing "Putty" Read was an aviator and Rear Admiral in the United States Navy. more »

Albert Scott Crossfield

Albert Scott Crossfield was an American naval officer and test pilot. In 1953, he became the... more »

Alberto Nassetti

Alberto Nassetti was an Italian aviator. more »

Alberto Santos-Dumont

Alberto Santos-Dumont was a Franco-Brazilian aviation pioneer. The heir of a wealthy family of... more »

Alejandro Bello Silva

First Lieutenant Alejandro Bello Silva was a Chilean aviator who disappeared during his... more »

Aleksandr Kuprin

Aleksandr Ivanovich Kuprin, was a Russian writer, pilot, explorer and adventurer who is perhaps... more »

Aleksandr Panayotov Aleksandrov

Aleksandr Panayotov Aleksandrov is a retired Bulgarian cosmonaut. He is the second Bulgarian to... more »

Aleksandr Samokutyayev

Aleksandr Mikhailovich Samokutyayev is a Russian cosmonaut. Samokutyayev served as a Flight... more »

Aleksei Gubarev

Aleksei Aleksandrovich Gubarev is a Soviet cosmonaut who flew on two space flights: Soyuz 17 and... more »

Alexander Fyodorovich Avdeyev

Alexandr Fyodorovich Avdeev was a Soviet fighter ace of World War II with 13 victories claimed... more »

Alexander L. Kamenev

Alexander L. Kamenev was a military pilot. more »

Alexander P. de Seversky

Alexander Nikolaievich Prokofiev de Seversky was a Russian–American aviation pioneer, inventor,... more »

Alexander Pearson, Jr.

Lieutenant Alexander Pearson, Jr. was a prominent aviation figure in the Army Air Service from... more »

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