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Václav Havel

Václav Havel was a Czech playwright, essayist, poet, dissident and politician. Havel was the... more »

Václav Kliment Klicpera

Václav Kliment Klicpera was a Czech playwright, author, and poet. He was one of the first... more »

Vahe Berberian

Vahe Berberian is an actor, screenwriter and film producer. more »

Val Gielgud

Val Henry Gielgud was an English actor, writer, director and broadcaster. He was a pioneer of... more »

Valentin Kataev

Valentin Petrovich Kataev was a Russian and Soviet novelist and playwright who managed to create... more »

Valentin Krasnogorov

Valentin Krasnogorov is a Russian playwright and writer. more »

Van Badham

Van Badham is an Australian writer. A playwright and novelist, she writes dramas and comedies. more »

Vanda Juknaitė

Vanda Juknaitė is a Lithuanian author, novelist, essayist and playwright. more »

Vantile Whitfield

Vantile Whitfield is an actor and director. more »

Vasant Shankar Kanetkar

Vasant Shankar Kanetkar was a Marathi playwright and novelist from Maharashtra, India. He was... more »

Vasile Alecsandri

Vasile Alecsandri was a Romanian poet, playwright, politician, and diplomat. He collected... more »

Vasile Lovinescu

Vasile Lovinescu was a literary critic, playwright and philosopher. more »

Vasili Domrachyov

Vasili Domrachyov is an actor. more »

Velga Krile

Velga Krile was a Latvian poet and playwright. She has been cited as one of Latvia's most... more »

Velina Hasu Houston

Velina Hasu Houston, born Velina Avisa Hasu Houston, is an award-winning American playwright,... more »

Vera Caspary

Vera Louise Caspary was an American writer of novels, plays, screenplays, and short stories. Her... more »

Vera Wildgruber

Vera Wildgruber is a playwright. more »

Vern Stefanic

Vern Stefanic is the husband of Lisa R. Stefanic. more »

Vern Thiessen

Vern Thiessen is a Canadian playwright. Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Thiessen studied at the... more »

Vernel Bagneris

Vernel Martin Bagneris is an American playwright, actor, director, singer, and dancer. He was... more »

Vernon Sylvaine

Vernon Sylvaine was a screenwriter. more »

Vicente Boix

Vicente Boix y Ricarte was a Valencian/Spanish playwright, poet, and historian. more »

Vickery Turner

Vickery Turner was a British actress, playwright, author and stage director. She started out on... more »

Victor Bumbalo

Victor Bumbalo is an American actor and playwright. more »

Victor Denisov

Victor L. Denisov – a Russian playwright. The author of 33 plays. Known for depicting reality in... more »

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