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Tamás Eszes

Tamás Eszes is a Laser Standard sailor from Hungary, who competed in two consecutive Summer... more »

Tania Aebi

Tania Aebi is an American sailor. She completed a solo circumnavigation of the globe in a 26... more »

Ted Taylor

Theodore Brewster Taylor was a Mexican-born, American theoretical physicist and prominent... more »

Ted Weems

Wilfred Theodore Weems was an American bandleader and musician. Weems' work in music was... more »

Teddy Seymour

Teddy Seymour is the first black man to sail around the world solo. On June 19, 1987, Teddy... more »

Teddy Sheean

Edward "Teddy" Sheean was a sailor in the Royal Australian Navy during the Second World War... more »

Tellef Wagle

Tellef "Tell" Wagle was a Norwegian sailor who competed in the 1920 Summer Olympics. He was a... more »

Temple Ashbrook

Temple W. Ashbrook was an American sailor who competed in the 1932 Summer Olympics. In 1932 he... more »

Terence Neilson

Terence "Terry" Neilson born November 2, 1958 in Toronto, Ontario is a Canadian sailor. He won a... more »

Terence Smith

Terence Smith is a British sailor. He won a bronze medal in the Sharpie class with Jasper... more »

Terry McLaughlin

Terry McLaughlin is a canadian sailor. He won a silver medal in the Flying Dutchman Class at the... more »

Terry Wynn

Terence ‘Terry’ Wynn was a Member of the European Parliament for North West England for the... more »

Teuku Nyak Puteh

Teuku Nyak Puteh is the father of P. Ramlee. more »

Thaddeus Parker

Thaddeus Parker was born on 13 November 1923 in Cross City, Florida. more »

Theodor Thomsen

Theodor Thomsen was a German sailor. He won a bronze medal in the Dragon Class with Erich... more »

Theresa Zabell

Theresa Zabell Lucas is a Spanish sailor who won gold medal both in the 1992 Summer Olympics in... more »

Thierry Peponnet

Thierry Peponnet is a French sailor and Olympic champion. He won a gold medal in the 470 Class... more »

Thomas Aass

Thomas Valentin "Valla" Aass was a Norwegian sailor and civil servant in the foreign service. He... more »

Thomas Andrew McDowall

Thomas Andrew McDowall was the father of Roddy McDowall. more »

Thomas Anthony Dooley III

Thomas Anthony Dooley III was an American who, while serving as a physician in the United States... more »

Thomas Berwick

Thomas Berwick was a convict transported to Western Australia. He was one of only 37 such... more »

Thomas C. Cooney

Thomas Calvin Cooney was an American sailor serving in the United States Navy during the... more »

Thomas Cavanaugh

Thomas Cavanaugh was an American sailor serving in the United States Navy during the... more »

Thomas Coram

Captain Thomas Coram was a philanthropist who created the London Foundling Hospital to look... more »

Thomas Doughty

Thomas Doughty was an English nobleman, soldier, scholar and personal secretary of Christopher... more »

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