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Ava Barber

Ava Barber is an American country music singer and performer. She is best remembered for having... more »

Ava Gaudet

Ava Gaudet is an American television, film, and theatre actress/singer from Providence, Rhode... more »

Ava Leigh

Hayley Carline, better known as Ava Leigh, is a British reggae singer from Chester, England. more »

Avadhoot Gupte

Avadhoot Gupte is an Indian music composer and singer who is popularly known for his work in the... more »


Myron Avant (born April 26, 1978 in Cleveland, Ohio), better known as Avant is an American R... more »

Avery storm

Ralph di Stasio, better known by his stage name Avery Storm, is an American singer. Di Stasio... more »

Avey Tare

Avey Tare is an experimental musician and founding member of Animal Collective currently... more »

Avi Belleli

Avi Belleli is an Israeli singer and musician. more »

Avi Toledano

Avi Toledano is an Israeli singer and songwriter. more »

Aviad Cohen

Aviad Cohen is an American singer and songwriter. He converted from Conservative Judaism to... more »

Avihu Shabat

Avihu Shabat is a singer and composer and son of Shlomi Shabat. more »

Avital Tamir

Avital Tamir is an Israeli musician best known for his work as the lead singer for successful... more »

Aviv Geffen

Aviv Geffen is an Israeli rock musician, singer, songwriter, producer, keyboardist and... more »

Aviva Chernick

Aviva Chernick is a singer. more »

Avon Long

Avon Long was an American Broadway actor and singer. more »


Avra Velis, better known as Avra, is a multi award winning Greek-Australian alternative-pop... more »

Avraam Russo

Avraam Russo is a Syrian-born Russian pop singer of Armenian origin. In 2006 he suffered an... more »

Avraham Tal

Avraham Tal is a singer, musician and record producer. more »


Didier Awadi is a Senegalese rapper and the most visible figure of Francophone West African Hip... more »


Awie is a Malaysian rock singer and actor. more »

Axel Bauer

Axel Bauer is a French singer. In 2001, his duet with French singer Zazie, "À ma place", reached... more »

Axelle Red

Axelle Red is a Belgian singer-songwriter. more »

Axelle Renoir

Axelle Renoir is a French singer from Brittany. She has released three studio albums and... more »

Axl Rose

W. Axl Rose is an American singer-songwriter and musician. He is the lead vocalist and only... more »

Axle Whitehead

Axle Whitehead is a former Australian Video Hits TV host and current singer, musician, and... more »

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