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Eberhard Wächter

Eberhard Wächter was an Austrian baritone, particularly celebrated for his performances in the... more »


Ebrahim Hamedi, known better by his stage name Ebi, is one of the most famous and influential... more »

Ebiet G. Ade

Ebiet G. Ade is an Indonesian singer and songwriter. His musical styles are pop, ballad and... more »

Eble II of Ventadorn

Eble II of Ventadorn was viscount of Ventadour. He was born at some date after 1086, the son of... more »

Ebony Alleyne

Ebony Alleyne is an English R&B and soul singer. more »

Ebony Burks

Ebony Burks is a singer and an actress. more »

Ebony Thomas

Ebony Thomas, also known by her musical stage name Ebony Bones, is a British singer-songwriter,... more »

Ebru Aydın

Ebru Aydın is a Turkish Pop, Rock and Jazz singer and songwriter. She is known to the Turkish... more »

Ebru Destan

Ebru Destan is a Turkish singer, actress, and model. more »

Ebru Gündeş

Ebru Gündeş is a Turkish pop-folk singer, actress, and television personality. more »

Ebru Yaşar

Ebru Yaşar is a popular Turkish pop music singer. more »

Ed Ames

Ed Ames is an American popular singer and actor. He is best known for his pop and adult... more »

Ed Bruce

William Edwin "Ed" Bruce, Jr. is an American country music songwriter and singer. He is known... more »

Ed Burleson

Ed Burleson is a Texas Country singer/songwriter from Denison, Texas. Ed Burleson is a... more »

Ed Cobb

Edward C. Cobb was an American musician, songwriter and record producer, most notably during the... more »

Ed Crawford

Charles Edward Crawford, aka ed fROMOHIO, is an American best known as the lead singer and... more »

Ed Deacy

Ed Deacy is a retired New York City police detective who has had notable singing and acting... more »

Ed Droste

Edward "Ed" Droste is an original member of the Brooklyn-based indie-rock group, Grizzly Bear... more »

Ed Evanko

Edward Evanko is a Canadian actor and singer who became a Ukrainian Catholic priest. Evanko was... more »

Ed Hale

Ed Hale is a writer, singer-songwriter, musician, populist blogger, activist, and controversial... more »

Ed Harcourt

Ed Harcourt is an English singer-songwriter. To date, he has released five studio albums, two... more »

Ed Helms

Edward Parker "Ed" Helms is an American actor and comedian, known for his work as a... more »

Ed Hunter

Ed Hunter is a member of No Kill I and appeared in the 2004 documentary film Trekkies 2. more »

Ed Kuepper

Edmund "Ed" Kuepper is an Australian guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. He co-founded the punk... more »

Ed MacFarlane

Ed MacFarlane is a musical artist. more »

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