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Han Chang

Hans Zhang Han is a Chinese actor, singer and host. more »

Han Geng

Han Geng is a Chinese Mandopop singer and actor. Han studied dance and martial arts at a young... more »

Han Han

Han Han is a Chinese professional rally driver, best-selling author, singer, creator of Party,... more »

Han Hong

Han Hong is a Chinese singer and songwriter of ethnic Tibetan and Han Chinese origin. more »

Han Seung-yeon

Han Seung-yeon is a South Korean idol singer, dancer, and actress. She is known for being the... more »

Han Sunhwa

Han Sunhwa, is a South Korean idol singer, dancer, actress and model. She is known for maknae of... more »

Han Ye-seul

Han Ye-seul is a Korean actress, singer and model. more »


Hana is a musician and former member of South Korean band Typhoon. more »

Hana Hegerová

Hana Hegerová, is a leading Czechoslovakian singer, actress and uncrowned Queen of Czechoslovak... more »

Hana Zagorová

Hana Zagorová is a Czech female singer who has been recording since 1964. She has written the... more »

Hanako Oku

Hanako Oku is a pop singer famous in her native Japan for her piano ballads. She rose to fame... more »

Hanako Oshima

Hanako Oshima is a Japanese singer and the daughter of actress Yukiko Kashiwagi and singer Kyu... more »


Hanayo, born Hanayo Nakajima, is a Japanese musician and artist. She is known for her playful... more »


Hangama is a popular singer from Afghanistan. She is born as Zohra in 1962 in Kabul. When she... more »

Hani Shaker

Hany Shaker is an Egyptian singer, actor and composer. He has over 461 songs in the hearts of... more »

Hanin Elias

Hanin Elias is a German industrial/techno artist. She was a member of Atari Teenage Riot and is... more »

Hanja Kochansky

Hanja Kochansky is a Croatian singer, songwriter and actress. She was the second wife of William... more »

Hanjin Tan

Hanjin Tan is a singer, a composer and an actor. more »

Hank Ballard

Hank Ballard, born John Henry Kendricks, was a rhythm and blues singer and songwriter, the lead... more »

Hank Cochran

Garland Perry "Hank" Cochran was an American country music singer and songwriter. Starting... more »

Hank Locklin

Lawrence Hankins Locklin, better known as Hank Locklin, was an American country music... more »

Hank Medress

Hank Medress was an American singer and record producer. more »

Hank Mizell

Hank Mizell was an American singer, guitarist and songwriter. He is best-remembered for his... more »

Hank Smith

Hank Smith was a Canadian country music singer. He was born in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany... more »

Hank Snow

Clarence Eugene "Hank" Snow was a celebrated Canadian country music artist. In a career that... more »

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