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Ivana Karaja is a German dance and pop musician Her 2002 single, "She Moves", was a major... more »

Karan Armstrong

Karan Armstrong is an American operatic soprano, who is celebrated as a singing-actress. more »

Karan Oberoi

Karan Oberoi is an Indian television actor, anchor and singer, who acts in Hindi TV serials and... more »

Karapetê Xaço

Karapetê Xaço or Karabêtê Xaço or Gerabêtê Xaço, was an Armenian singer of traditional Kurdish... more »

Karaugh Brown

Karaugh Brown is a Boston-area folk singer/songwriter. She released her first EP in 2000, and... more »

Kåre Conradi

Kåre Conradi is an actor and a singer. more »

Kareem Salama

Kareem Salama is an Egyptian American musician. He is known as the first American Muslim country... more »

Kareen Antonn

Kareen Antonn is a French artist of Greek and Spanish origin. In 2003, she recorded a pair of... more »

Karel Berman

Karel Berman was a Jewish Czech opera singer, composer and opera director. more »

Karel Fialka

Karel Fialka is an Indian born British singer-songwriter, best known for his 1987 single, "Hey,... more »

Karel Gott

Karel Gott is a Czech Schlager singer, and an amateur painter. He is considered as the most... more »

Karel Kryl

Karel Kryl was an iconic Moravian singer-songwriter and performer of many protest songs in which... more »

Karel Marquez

Karla Ysabel Marquez-Santos was, known as Karel Marquez is a Filipino actress, model, singer,... more »

Karel Zich

Karel Zich was a Czech singer, guitarist and composer. more »

Karem Mahmoud

Karem Mahmoud, also known as "the Melodious Knight", was a popular Egyptian singer and actor. He... more »

Karen Akers

Karen Akers is an American actress and singer, who has appeared on Broadway, and in cabaret and... more »

Karen Alexander

Karen Alexander was an American singer-songwriter who had some success in the 1970s. She was... more »

Karen Allen

Karen Jane Allen is an American actress best known for her role as Marion Ravenwood in Raiders... more »

Karen Bernod

Karen Bernod is an American-born R&B vocalist, songwriter and producer. She is best known for... more »

Karen Black

Karen Blanche Black was an American actress, screenwriter, singer and songwriter. She is known... more »

Karen Brooks

Karen Brooks is an American country music singer who is best known for a series of Top 40 hits... more »

Karen Carpenter

Karen Anne Carpenter was an American singer and drummer. She and her brother, Richard, formed... more »

Karen Chandler

Eva Nadauld, known professionally as Eve Young early in her career, and later as Karen Chandler,... more »

Karen Clark Sheard

Karen Clark-Sheard is an American gospel four-time Grammy Award winning singer, musician, and... more »

Karen Dalton

Karen J. Dalton was an American folk blues singer and banjo player associated with the early... more »

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