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Yu Hasebe

Yu Hasebe is a Japanese actress and model. She was one of the original three members of the... more »

Yū Hayami

Yū Hayami is a J-pop singer and TV actress in Japan. more »

Yū Kobayashi

Yū Kobayashi is a Japanese voice actress affiliated with HolyPeak. She always uses honorifics in... more »

Yu Kurosawa

Yu Kurosawa is an actress and model. more »

Yu Nakamura

Yu Nakamura is a Japanese singer, professional model, and Japanese television personality. In... more »

Yu Shirota

Yu Shirota, born December 26, 1985, is a Japanese-Spanish actor, most known for his role as... more »

Yu Yamada

Yu Yamada is a model, actress, and singer best known from her modeling work with CanCam... more »


Kim Yubin, commonly known as Yubin, is a South Korean singer, rapper, actress, model and MC. She... more »


Yuhao Zhan è un musicista, cantante e attore taiwanese. Attualmente è il pianista del gruppo... more »


Yui is a Japanese singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, actress and radio... more »

Yui Asaka

Yui Asaka is a Japanese actress, a J-Pop singer, and an idol who came to fame in the 1980s. more »

Yui Horie

Yui Horie is a Japanese singer and voice actress. She is sometimes affectionately nicknamed... more »

Yui Ichikawa

Yui Ichikawa, is an actress and model from Tokyo, Japan. She is also known by her nickname,... more »

Yui Itsuki

Yui Itsuki is a Japanese voice actress who works for Holy Peak. As a musician, she is the lead... more »

Yui Makino

Yui Makino is a Japanese voice actress, actress, singer and pianist. She is best known for her... more »

Yui Okada

Yui Okada is a former member of Japanese idol pop group v-u-den that was associated with Hello!... more »

Yui Sakakibara

Yui Sakakibara is a Japanese choreographer, dancer, singer, songwriter, and voice actress from... more »

Yui Yokoyama

Yui Yokoyama is a Japanese singer, actor and member of the Japanese idol group AKB48, in which... more »

Yuichi Nakamaru

Yuichi Nakamaru is a member of the musical group, KAT-TUN. more »

Yuji Oda

Yūji Oda is a Japanese actor and singer. He is one of Japan's 11 most popular male entertainers,... more »

Yuji Sasaki

Yuji Sasaki is a nephew of Sadako Sasaki. Yuji was born at Hakata-ward, Fukuoka Prefecture,... more »

Yûji Ueda

Yūji Ueda is a popular Japanese voice actor.He is most known for the roles of Sagara Sanosuke,... more »

Yujiro Ishihara

Yujiro Ishihara was a Japanese actor and singer born in Kobe. His elder brother is Shintaro... more »


Yuka is an actor and a voice actor. more »

Yuka Iguchi

Yuka Iguchi is a Japanese voice actress from Tokyo. She is affiliated with Office Osawa. more »

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