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Tanya Hunks

Tanya Hunks is an Olympic swimmer from Canada. She swam for Canada at the 2008 Olympics. She won... more »

Tatiana Chisca

Tatiana Chişca is a Moldovan swimmer, who specialized in breaststroke events. Chisca qualified... more »

Teresa Perales

Teresa Perales Fernández is an S5, SB4, SM5 classified Spanish swimmer, politician and... more »

Tessa Wallace

Tessa Wallace represented Australia at the 2010 Commonwealth games. These games being her debut... more »

Tobias Oriwol

Tobias Oriwol is a Canadian backstroke swimmer. He was born in Toronto. Tobias competed at the... more »

Tomáš Klobučník

Tomáš Klobučník is a Slovak swimmer, who specialized in breaststroke events. He is a... more »

Troy Dalbey

Troy Lane Dalbey is an American former competition swimmer, two-time Olympic champion, and... more »