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V. K. Sarojini

V. K. Sarojini is the mother of Manoj K. Jayan. more »

Václav Hlinomaz

Václav Hlinomaz was a composer and a teacher. more »

Val McLane

Val McLane is an English actress, scriptwriter, director and teacher. She founded the Live... more »

Valdir Bündchen

Valdir Bündchen is a teacher and a writer. more »

Valdosia Williams

Valdosia Williams is the mother of Samm-Art Williams. more »

Valentin Plătăreanu

Valentin Plătăreanu is a Romanian actor, director and drama teacher. more »

Valentina Tikhonova

Valentina Tikhonova was a kindergarten teacher. more »

Valerie Hill

Valerie Hill is the mother of Lauryn Hill. more »

Valerius Herberger

Valerius Herberger was a German Lutheran preacher and theologian. more »

Valli Kemp

Valli Kemp is a former Australian model and actress, turned fashion designer, painter and art... more »

Vanalyne Green

Vanalyne Green is an American artist who also teaches and writes about culture. She has screened... more »

Vaneese Thomas

Vaneese Thomas is the daughter of Rufus Thomas. more »

Vanessa Grazziotin

Vanessa Grazziotin Bezerra is a Brazilian politician from the Communist Party of Brazil... more »

Vanessa Kerry

Vanessa Bradford Kerry is an American doctor and founder of the non-profit Seed Global Health... more »

Vanessa Rodriguez

Vanessa Rodriguez is a casting director and wife of comedian Chris Spencer. more »

Vânia Silva

Vânia Sofia de Sousa Silva is a female hammer thrower from Portugal. Her personal best throw is... more »

Vantile Whitfield

Vantile Whitfield is an actor and director. more »

Vardan Pahlevanyan

Vardan Pahlevanyan is an Armenian long jumper. He competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics in the... more »

Vargrave Richards

Vargrave A. Richards is a United States Virgin Islands politician and educator. Richards served... more »

Varvara Mikhailovna

Varvara Mikhailovna was the mother of Mikhail Bulgakov. more »

Varvara Tymofiyovna Yushchenko

Varvara Tymofiyovna Yushchenko was the mother of Viktor Yushchenko. more »

Varvara Vidova

Varvara Vidova is a teacher and the mother of actor Oleg Vidov. more »

Vasile Rebreanu

Vasile Rebreanu was a teacher and the father of Liviu Rebreanu and Emil Rebreanu. more »

Vasiliy Myagkov

Vasiliy Myagkov was the father of actor Andrey Myagkov. more »

Vasily Filatov

In 1988, in a district center outside Astrakhan, a village geography teacher by the name of... more »

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