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K. Mohan

K. Mohan is a member of the Indian rock band Agnee. more »


K.A.R. is a member of the musical group Terror Squad. more »

K.W. Tut

K.W. Tut is a member of the musical group, Here Come the Mummies. more »

Kai Rediske

Joseph Kingston is a member of the musical group, Iration. more »

Kaire Vilgats

Kaire Vilgats, born on January 11, 1976 is an Estonian singer and actress. Vilgats was born and... more »

Kalli Clark-Sternberg

Kalli Clark-Sternberg is a member of the musical group Precious. more »

Kalmer Tennosaar

Kalmer Tennosaar was Estonian singer and Eesti Televisioon journalist. He was popular in Soviet... more »

Kalyani Menon

Kalyani Menon is the mother of Rajiv Menon. more »

Kameelah Williams

Kameelah Williams was a member of the musical group, 702. more »


Rachid Kamikaze Baggasse, más conocido como Kamikaze, es un mc y productor de rap y dj de dub y... more »


Kana is a Finnish female rap musician. She began her music career on the Finnish TV show... more »


Kangho was a member of the musical group Coed School. more »

Kani Karaca

Kâni Karaca, born in Adana, Turkey, was a Turkish singer. He lost his eyesight at the age of 2... more »

Kaoli Isshiki

Kaoli Isshiki est une chanteuse lyrique d'origine japonaise. more »

Kaori Oda

Kaori Oda is a member of the Japanese musical group FictionJunction. more »

Kare Kauks

Kare Kauks is an Estonian singer and music teacher. more »

Karen Busck

Karen Busck er en dansk sanger og sangskriver, der debuterede med albummet Hjertet ser i 2001... more »

Karen Ichiuji-Ramone

Karen Ichiuji-Ramone known by her stage name as Karen Kamon, is a singer and actress best known... more »

Karen Lawrence

Karen Lawrence is an American singer and songwriter who has worked with the L.A. Jets, 1994,... more »

Karen Parry

Karen Parry is a dance vocalist who featured on a number of European hits in the 2000s. Parry... more »

Kari Haapala

Kari Haapala on suomalainen gospelmuusikko. Gospel-musiikkia esittänyt ja levyttänyt Kari... more »

Kari Nurmela

Kari Nurmela was a Finnish dramatic baritone of note. Born in Viipuri, Finland, Nurmela made his... more »

Karin Renberg

Karin Renberg, född 1 januari 1959, är en svensk musiker och lärare. Renberg är uppvuxen utanför... more »

Karina Zeviani

Karina Zeviani is a member of the musical group, Nouvelle Vague. more »

Karine Deshayes

Karine Deshayes is a French mezzo-soprano. Deshayes studied at the Sorbonne, then singing at the... more »

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