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Who is Erin Hunter?

Erin Hunter is a pseudonym used by the authors Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, Gillian Philip, Inbali Iserles, and Tui Sutherland, along with editor Victoria Holmes. Each of the authors play a different role: while Holmes creates the storyline of each book, Cary, Baldry, and Sutherland take turns writing the books. Sutherland joined the group later and writes mostly for the Seekers series; she has written fewer Warriors books, with all of them being field guides. In addition, another person who is not an Erin Hunter writes the manga: Dan Jolley. The newest addition to the group is Inbali Iserles, who writes Survivors under the pseudonym as well.

Famous Quotes:

  • The truth is, I love Firestar now as much as I ever did, and I’ll watch over him forever, knowing that he can never be mine. He belongs to Sandstorm and to ThunderClan. But my heart is his, and always will be.
  • I'll never forget this, Heatherpaw. I will be your enemy forever.
  • I am proud of my children. They will make great warriors. And I will watch over them forever. I promise.
  • I am no cat's friend. I know too much for friendship. Be glad that you will never be burdened with the knowledge that I have. My curse is to live forever, knowing what has been and what has yet to be, powerless to change anything.
  • You're right; four were chosen, but six have come, and they all deserve to be here.
  • What should we do? We can't let the forest be overrun by foxes! What about my kits?
  • Good-bye, Graystripe. I love you. Take care of our kits.
  • This is not an end. It is a beginning. You will need the courage of a lion to face this journey.
  • I looked up to you. I wanted to be like you. But Redtail was my mentor. I owe him more than any cat. And you killed him. You killed him and betrayed the Clan. I'd rather die than follow you!
  • You're a medicine cat. I understand what that means now. StarClan go with you, Leafpool. I'll never forget you.


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Also known as
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  • Erin W. Hunter

on July 23, 2013

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