Gaius Marcius Rutilus



Who is Gaius Marcius Rutilus?

Gaius Marcius Rutilus was the first plebeian dictator and censor of ancient Rome, and consul four times.

He was first elected consul in 357 BC, then appointed as dictator the following year in order to deal with an invasion by the Etruscans. He surprised the enemy's camp and drove them out of Roman territory, for which he was granted a triumph by the people, against the Senate's wishes.

Rutilus was again elected consul in 352. At the end of his term, he ran for censor and won, despite patrician opposition. He was also consul in 344 and 342, when he led the army in the Samnite Wars.

His son of the same name was Tribune of the Plebs in 311 BC and Consul in 310.

according to Fergus Millar in "The Roman Republic and Augustan Revolution, this Son was one of the first Plebian Augurs under the Lex Ogulnia and also held the position of Censor twice, the first time in 294 BC and the second time in 265 BC,

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