Marc Broude

Experimental music, Musical Artist

1984 –


Who is Marc Broude?

Marc Broude is an eclectic independent composer and musician whose work encompasses electronic music, experimental noise, ambient music, industrial, and black metal. Broude began experimenting with unusual sounds when he was eight years old, creating tape loops and combining them with spoken word material, but he didn't begin working with music seriously until 2005, when after a long period of emotional turmoil he fell in with a collective of musicians, artists, and squatters in Chicago. Surrounded by like-minded individuals, Broude soon formed a black metal group called Zog. Zog consisted of Broude on bass, with Chris Anderson and Eric Sepata on guitars, and Danny Cortez on drums; the band released a four-song EP, Revive, but proved short-lived when Cortez died ten months after the group was launched.

In 2006, Broude recorded an industrial-influenced single, "Psychological Warfare" b/w "God Smacker," which earned enthusiastic reviews despite being released only as a 7" single in a limited edition of 50 copies. Broude took a break from music in 2007 to address personal issues, but returned to performing the following year, and in 2009 he released an album-length solo project through his own NoZen Records label, Rites of Zen, a 76-minute ambient piece that crafted found sounds, electronics, and organic instruments into a gentle but sinister soundscape. Another dark ambient album, Medicine, followed the same year, and in 2010 he released Sick Spider, a collaboration with Tim Lash, as well as a split release with Sequences, Medicine/Vespertine: A Tragedy in Several Tones of Grey. In 2011, Broude reissued the "Psychological Warfare" single in a remixed digital edition, and an industrial/black metal influenced single, "Cruel Society" b/w "The Sixth Era."

Famous Quotes:

  • Do dead people like music? I hope they listen to mine if they do, in their coffins, in the cold underworld, between the mind and the body in an insomniac wall of sleep.
  • If your stories were real I would scream my dissolution amongst the searching soul; if wishes were not so unreal I would disappear, careless, in the wind; and if words were not all vain and meaningless I would tell everyone that life is a state of mind and we are nothing but what we have been told. If changing the world really meant something I would form a new fucking republic; and if truth existed I would kill philosophy; if god existed I would be scared.
  • Who the fuck is Lady Gaga?
  • There is certain power you gain being exempt from capitalist companies that UPC or ISBN the mark of the beast on your forehead and treat you like their favorite prostitute.

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Aug 23, 1984
  • Atheism
  • White people
  • United States of America

on July 23, 2013


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