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Who is Nuadu Necht?

Nuadu Necht, son of Sétna Sithbac, a descendant of Crimthann Coscrach, of the Laigin, was, according to medieval Irish legend and historical tradition, a High King of Ireland. He came to power after killing his predecessor, Eterscél, and ruled for six months, at the end of which he was killed by Eterscél's son Conaire Mór.

The Lebor Gabála Érenn synchronises his reign with that of the Roman emperor Augustus, and after the birth of Christ, and makes him contemporary with legendary provincial kings Conchobar mac Nessa, Cairbre Nia Fer and Ailill mac Máta. The chronology of Geoffrey Keating's Foras Feasa ar Éireann dates his reign to 64-63 BC, that of the Annals of the Four Masters to 111-110 BC. The Four Masters combine his reign with that of Ér, Orba, Ferón and Fergna centuries before, to make a whole year in their chronology.

In the Fenian Cycle he is the great grandfather of Fionn mac Cumhaill: his son is the druid Tadg mac Nuadat, whose daughter, Muirne, is Fionn's mother. It is suggested that he is connected to the presumed deities Nuada Airgetlám and Nechtan of the Tuatha Dé Danann. He is also said to have fathered Bascine, the ancestor of Finn's father, Cumhal mac Trenmor.


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