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Barnaby Joyce

Barnaby Thomas Gerald Joyce is an Australian politician, who is currently the Minister for... more »

Barry Glass

Barry Glass is an accountant. more »

Barry Greenberg

Barry Greenberg is an actor. more »

Barry Hearn

Barry Hearn is an English accountant, sporting events promoter, and the founder and chairman of... more »

Barry Salzberg

Barry Salzberg is an American businessman, accountant, and lawyer. Salzberg is the global Chief... more »

Ben Pridmore

Ben Pridmore is a champion memory sport competitor and accountant. more »

Benjamin Jack Hagman

Benjamin Jack Hagman was an accountant and lawyer. more »

Benjamin Margolin

Benjamin Margolin was the father of Janet Margolin. more »

Benjamin Norris

Benjamin Norris is an accounts manager. more »

Berhane Habtemariam

Berhane Habtemariam was the first Auditor-General of Eritrea. He was trained as an accountant in... more »

Berkeley Lionel Scudamore Dallard

Berkeley Lionel Scudamore Dallard was a New Zealand accountant, senior public servant and prison... more »

Bernard Kummer

Bernard Kummer was the father of Jay Sebring. more »

Beth Gardner

Beth Gardner, mother of Nick Cannon, is an accountant. more »

Bevan Spencer von Einem

Bevan Spencer von Einem, also known as Bevan von Einem, is a convicted child murderer from... more »

Bill Adolph

William "Bill" Adolph, Jr. is an American accountant and politician. He is currently a... more »

Bob Newhart

George Robert "Bob" Newhart is an American stand-up comedian and actor. Noted for his deadpan... more »

Bobby Henrey

Bobby Henrey, is an Anglo-French former child actor best known for his role as the son of the... more »

Bola Tinubu

Bola Ahmed Tinubu was elected Senator for the Lagos West constituency in Lagos State, Nigeria in... more »

Brad Sherman

Bradley James "Brad" Sherman is an American politician. He has been a Democratic member of the... more »

Brian Hill

Brian Hill ) is an English former football referee in the English Football League, Premier... more »

Bright Rwamirama

Major Bright Kanyontore Rwamirama is a Ugandan politician, and former army officer. He is the... more »

Britton Crosley

Britton Crosley is an accountant and an actor. more »

Bruce Marshall

Lieutenant-Colonel Claude Cunningham Bruce Marshall, known as Bruce Marshall was a prolific... more »

Bruno Palermo

Bruno Palermo appeared in the 2009 documentary film Fathers of Plaza de Mayo - 10 Possible Ways. more »

Bryan Sharratt

Bryan Edwards Sharratt was a United States Navy and Air Force officer, a lawyer, a Certified... more »

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