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Baayork Lee

Baayork Lee is an Asian-American actress, singer, dancer, choreographer, theatre director, and... more »

Bab Christensen

Barbra Karine "Bab" Christensen is a Norwegian actress. She was born in Kristiania as a daughter... more »


Baba is an actor. more »

Baba Hillman

Baba Hillman is a film director, writer, cinematographer, editor and actor. more »

Baba Jon

Baba Jon is an actor. more »

Baba Muhammad

Baba Muhammad is an actor. more »

Baba Sehgal

Baba Sehgal is an Indian rapper, film composer, actor and playback singer, known for his works... more »

Baba Suwe

Baba Suwe is a Yoruba actor in Nollywood, known for his comedy roles in Yoruba movies. Alhaji... more »

Babacar Oualy

Babacar Oualy is an actor. more »

Babacar Seck

Babacar Seck is an actor. more »

Baback Gabbay

Baback Gabbay is an actor. more »

Babak Ali

Babak Ali is an actor. more »

Babak Ansari

Babak Ansari is an actor. more »

Babak Hamdain

Babak Hamdain is an actor. more »

Babak Hamidian

Babak Hamidian is an actor. more »

Babak Karimi

Babak Karimi is a film editor and an actor. more »

Babak Tafti

Babak Tafti is an actor. more »

Babaloo Mandel

Marc "Babaloo" Mandel is an American writer. His writing credits include the television series... more »


Pablito Sarmiento, Jr., better known as Babalu, was a Filipino comedian and actor. Babalu is... more »

Babar Ali

Babar Ali is a Pakistani film and television actor. more »

Babar Khan

Babar Khan is a Pakistani TV actor and model. He is best known for his role in Hum TV serial Ek... more »

Babar Peerzada

Babar Peerzada is an actor. more »

Babatunde Adebimpe

Babatunde Omoroga "Tunde" Adebimpe is an American musician, actor, director, and visual artist... more »

Babatunde Aleshe

Babatunde Aleshe is a film actor. more »

Babatunde Myers

Babatunde Myers is an actor. more »

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