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Valdeko Ratassepp

Valdeko Ratassepp was an actor. more »

Valdemar Lund

Valdemar Lund is an actor. more »

Valdemar Møller

Valdemar Møller was a Danish actor and film director. He starred at the Royal Danish Theatre... more »

Valdemar Skjerning

Valdemar Skjerning was a Danish stage and film actor. more »

Valdemar Virtanen

Valdemar Virtanen is an actor. more »

Valdereis Abilel

Valdereis Abilel is an actress. more »

Valderez de Souza

Valderez de Souza is an actor. more »

Valderez Teixeira

Valderez Teixeira is an actress. more »

Valdimar Ágúst Eggertsson

Valdimar Ágúst Eggertsson is an actor. more »

Valdimar Örn Flygenring

Valdimar Örn Flygenring is an actor. more »

Valdinéia Soriano

Valdinéia Soriano is an actress. more »

Valdo César

Valdo César is an actor. more »


Paul Valdemar Horsdal, CM, commonly known as Valdy, is a Canadian folk musician whose solo... more »

Vale Anoai

Vale Anoai is an actress, writer, businessperson and a dancer. more »

Valeace Bright

Valeace Bright is an actress. more »

Valeen Montenegro

Valeen Montenegro Vicente is a Filipino actress. more »

Valefor De Ambershay

Valefor De Ambershay is a film actor. more »

Valeh Karimov

Valeh Karimov is an actor. more »

Valen Hsu

Valen Hsu, also known as Xiu Xiu, was born on 20 September 1974 in Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of... more »

Valence Thomas

Valence Thomas is a film actor. more »

Valencia Boswell

Valencia Boswell is a film actor. more »

Valencia Dantzler

Valencia Dantzler is an actress. more »

Valene Kane

Valene Kane is an actress from Newry, Northern Ireland, known for playing the lead role in The... more »

Valensky Sylvain

Valensky Sylvain is an actor, casting director and producer. more »

Valente Rodriguez

Valente Rodriguez is an American actor. He is best known for his role as Ernesto "Ernie"... more »

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