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H. A. Guerber

Hélène Adeline Guerber, better known as H.A. Guerber, was a British historian most well known... more »

H. A. Rey

Hans Augusto Rey was an illustrator and writer, known best for the Curious George series of... more »

H. Alan Schwettman

H. Alan Schwettman is Professor of Physics, Emeritus at Stanford University. His research is... more »

H. Alesso

H. Peter Alesso is a technology innovator with twenty years research experience at Lawrence... more »

H. Allen Brooks

H. Allen Brooks was an architectural historian and longtime professor at the University of... more »

H. Allen Smith

Harry Allen Wolfgang Smith was an American journalist and humorist whose books were popular in... more »

H. B. Gilmour

H. B. Gilmour was a bestselling author of children's books. She grew up in Williamsburg,... more »

H. B. Nicholson

Henry Bigger Nicholson was a prominent scholar of the Aztecs. Nicholson died of a heart attack... more »

H. Baldry

H. Baldry is an award winning author. more »

H. Bentley Glass

Hiram Bentley Glass was an American geneticist and noted columnist. Born in China to missionary... more »

H. Bonciu

H. Bonciu, or Horia Bonciu, was a Romanian novelist, poet, journalist and translator, noted... more »

H. Bradford Westerfield

Holt Bradford Westerfield was a Damon Wells Professor of International Studies and professor of... more »

H. Bruce Franklin

Howard Bruce Franklin — known as H. Bruce Franklin — is an American cultural historian who has... more »

H. C. Artmann

Hans Carl Artmann, also known as Ib Hansen, was an Austrian-born poet and writer, most popular... more »

H. C. Bailey

Henry Christopher Bailey was an English author of detective fiction. Bailey wrote mainly short... more »

H. C. Engelbrecht

Helmuth Carol Engelbrecht was an American author. Engelbrecht studied at the University of... more »

H. C. Erik Midelfort

H.C. Erik Midelfort, is C. Julian Bishko Professor Emeritus of History and Religious Studies at... more »

H. C. Matthew Sim

H. C. Matthew Sim, a resident of Singapore, is the author of two business books and the coauthor... more »

H. C. McNeile

Cyril McNeile MC was a British soldier and author. Drawing on his experiences in the trenches... more »

H. C. Robbins Landon

Howard Chandler Robbins Landon was an American musicologist, journalist, historian and... more »

H. C. Witwer

Harry Charles Witwer, more commonly known as H. C. Witwer, was an American short story author... more »

H. C. Yarrow

Henry Crecy Yarrow was an American ornithologist, herpetologist, naturalist, and surgeon. Born... more »

H. Douglas Brown

H. Douglas Brown is a professor emeritus of English as a Second Language at San Francisco State... more »

H. E. Francis

H E Francis was a scholar, professor and writer. more »

H. E. Hinton

Professor Howard Everest Hinton, FRS was a British entomologist. He had an encyclopedic... more »

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