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Neri Marcorè

Neri Marcorè is an Italian actor, dubber, imitator, TV presenter and singer. He has appeared in... more »

Nestor Pistor

Nestor Pistor is a Juno Award nominated musical artist. more »

Ni Min-jan

Ni Min-jan was a popular Taiwanese comedian and actor. His alleged affair with Xia Yi was the... more »

Niall Tóibín

Niall Tóibín is an Irish comedian and actor. Born in Cork into an Irish speaking family, Tóibín... more »

Nice Peter

Peter Alexis Shukoff, also known as Nice Peter, is a comedian, musician and personality. A... more »

Nicholas Parsons

Christopher Nicholas Parsons, CBE is an English radio and television presenter and actor. His... more »

Nicholas Rutherford

Nicholas Rutherford is an actor and a comedian. more »

Nick Adams

Nick Adams is an American television writer and author. He is currently a writer for the Fox... more »

Nick Bakay

Nicholas "Nick" Bakay is an American writer, actor, voice actor, comedian and sportscaster. He... more »

Nick Bernardone

Nicholas Francis Bernardone is an American writer, comedian, director . His TV credits include... more »

Nick Cannon

Nicholas Scott "Nick" Cannon is an American actor, comedian, rapper, and radio/television... more »

Nick DiPaolo

Nicholas Rocco "Nick" DiPaolo is an American stand-up comedian, Emmy nominated writer, actor and... more »

Nick Frost

Nicholas John "Nick" Frost is an English actor, comedian and screenwriter. He is best known for... more »

Nick Giannopoulos

Nick Giannopoulos is a Greek-Australian stand-up comedian, film and TV actor. He is best known... more »

Nick Kroll

Nicholas J. "Nick" Kroll is an American actor, voice actor, screenwriter, producer, and... more »

Nick Lavallee

Nick Lavallee is an American comedian, musician, and singer-songwriter from Manchester, New... more »

Nick Mohammed

Nick Mohammed is a British comedian, actor and writer. more »

Nick Mortensen

Nicholas Jay Mortensen is an American comedian and motivational speaker. more »

Nick Nolte

Nicholas King "Nick" Nolte is an American actor. His films include The Deep, 48 Hrs., Down and... more »

Nick Revell

Nick Revell is a British stand-up comedian and writer for radio and television. Born John... more »

Nick Sun

Nick Sun is an Australian stand-up comedian. He is of Nepalese extraction, but chooses to eschew... more »

Nick Swardson

Nicholas Roger "Nick" Swardson is an American actor, stand-up comedian, screenwriter and... more »

Nick Thune

Nicholas Ivan "Nick" Thune is an American actor, comedian, and musician. Thune was born in... more »

Nicky Taylor

Nicky Taylor is an actor, film director, screenwriter, film producer and comedian. more »

Nicolas Bedos

Nicolas Bedos is a French theatre director, actor and comedian. He is the son of Guy Bedos. He... more »