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Adrianus Valerius

Adrianus Valerius, also known as Adriaen Valerius, was a Dutch poet and composer, known mostly... more »

Adrien Basin

Adrien Basin was a Franco-Flemish composer, singer, and diplomat of the Burgundian school of the... more »

Adrien-François Servais

Adrien-François Servais was one of the most influential cellists of the nineteenth century. He... more »

Adrienne Albert

Adrienne Albert is an American composer living and working in Santa Monica, California. Although... more »

Adrienne Anderson

Adrienne Anderson is an American songwriter, most notable for being the co-writer of "Could It... more »

Agata della Pietà

Agata della Pietà was an Italian composer, singer, and teacher of music. A foundling admitted in... more »

Agata Morio

Agata Morio is a Japanese folk rock singer-songwriter and actor. He also directed three films... more »

Agathe Backer-Grøndahl

Agathe Ursula Backer-Grøndahl was a Norwegian pianist and composer. She married the conductor... more »

Agboola Shadare

Agboola Shadare is an international songwriter, composer and producer. He started as a church... more »


Antye Greie aka AGF or poemproducer is a vocalist, musician, composer, producer, and new media... more »

Agnetha Fältskog

Agnetha Fältskog is a Swedish recording artist. She achieved success in Sweden after the release... more »

Agostino Agazzari

Agostino Agazzari was an Italian composer and music theorist. more »

Agostino Steffani

Agostino Steffani was an Italian ecclesiastic, diplomat and composer. more »

Agshin Alizadeh

Agshin Aligulu Alizade May 22, 1937, Baku – May 3, 2014, Baku is a Soviet and Azerbaijani... more »

Agustín Barboza

Agustín Pío Barboza was a Paraguayan singer and composer. more »

Agustín Bardi

Agustin Bardi was an Argentine Tango musician. He was a pianist, violinist and composer. Bardi... more »

Agustín Barrios

Agustín Pío Barrios, was a Paraguayan classical guitarist and composer. more »

Ahmad Dhani

Dhani Ahmad Prasetyo, better known as Ahmad Dhani or Dhani Manaf, is an Indonesian rock... more »

Ahmad Jamal

Ahmad Jamal is an American jazz pianist, composer, and educator. According to American music... more »

Ahmad Kaabour

Ahmad Kaabour is a renowned Lebanese singer, songwriter, music composer and actor. more »

Ahmad Pejman

Ahmad Pejman, also spelled as Ahmad Pezhman, is an Iranian classical composer who resides in the... more »

Ahmad Zahir

Ahmad Toryalai Zahir was a singer, songwriter, and composer from Afghanistan. He is widely... more »

Ahmadu Jah

Amadu Jah is a musician and composer. more »

Ahmed Abdul-Malik

Ahmed Abdul-Malik was a jazz double bassist and oud player. more »

Ahmed Adnan Saygun

Ahmed Adnan Saygun was a Turkish composer, musicologist and writer on music. His works show a... more »

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